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Faulty PM Cares Fund Ventilators, Stay Safe with Kangen Alkaline Water

The extent of damage that had been wrecked by the Covid 19 was last seen after the outbreak of the Spanish Flu in 1918. The impact it has caused on the economy of the world is equivalent to the damage of World War 2. Such a desperate situation calls for desperate measures. One such measure was taken by our respected Prime Minister by announcing the PM cares fund. As millions of people donated billions of dollars, it was expected that our future was secure now. One year down the line, it saddened everyone to learn of the faulty ventilators in the Indian state of Punjab that were bought from the PM cares fund money.

Why Are Ventilators Important?

Corona Virus is a flu virus that attacks our lungs. As our lungs are impaired, it becomes difficult for us to breathe. Ventilators come in handy as they push air down our windpipes and make us breathe. This is why ventilators become very important whenever the patient faces difficulty in breathing.

Other Options

As discussed earlier, we cannot always rely on these ventilators. One of the best ways to increase the level of oxygen in your body is to drink water from the Kangen Alkaline Water machine.

Why Choose Kangen

Kangen Alkaline water machine uses special technology to convert regular tap water into alkaline water. While doing this, extra oxygen is added to the water. This oxygen, besides increasing the level of oxygen in your blood, helps your body in numerous ways. Let us learn how this alkaline water machine Delhi NCR helps you fight many viruses.

  • As the pH of this water is higher than 7, it ensures that the level of acid in your body never goes beyond the permissible limit.
  • Whenever there is a surge in the level of acid, this water will neutralize it.
  • It also makes the cells of your body absorb all the nutrients from the food, thus improving your metabolism.
  • This increased metabolism, coupled with robust blood flow, increases your immunity.

Amid this third wave of Omicron CoronaVirus, choose the best for your family and help them live a healthy lifestyle with Kangen Alkaline water.


Kangen Water Machine

Why Kangen Alkaline Water Is The Best Alkaline Water

It takes a loud noise to wake people from their sleep. This is exactly the case with all of us when it comes to our health. We have been taking almost everything for granted regarding our health ever since the advancement in the medicine field. This is because we believe that if something bad happens, we will take medicine and everything will be alright. All these notions came crashing down when we encountered the Corona Virus. As all our medicines failed in the face of it, we started thinking about our immunity and health more seriously.

As water is the most abundant compound in our body, it plays the most important role in determining our health. This is why it is said that if you want to keep yourself healthy keep track of what type of liquid you are consuming. This is why many researchers are advising people to consume alkaline water from a Kangen alkaline machine Delhi NCR. In this article, we will see what exactly this Kangen alkaline water is and how it will be beneficial to all of us. We will also answer the questions regarding the best alkaline machine in the market.


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