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Student Visa Permit From Dubai to New Zealand

To be noted is that a citizen of Dubai, UAE doesn’t require visas to travel to New Zealand. New Zealand is the best for the ones who want to continue with higher education. Applying for student visa permit new zealand from dubai isn’t that tough. 

The five simple steps and requirements to assure the respective visa permit for students can be summarised in order as follows: 

Applying for the desired institutions and universities 

The official landing page of the selected institutions can be referred to choose the best one for you in respect of the career you want to pursue. Followed with an application to get admission in the selected institution one can apply through an online platform as well as the offline competitive entrance exam clearance mode. Submission of a few documents Is considered mandatory during the process of admission. Then waiting for the ultimate approval or offer letter is the option available.

Applying for a medical clearance certificate and PCC certification

Next to receiving the offer letter from the respective institution, a thorough medical examination provides you with a certification for your health and physical and mental wellness. The medical test must be done by an efficient medical specialist as per the approval of the concerned immigration office. Then PCC (police clearance) is applied for from the DCP office or RPO of your region.

Applying for visa

Along with the documents required you need to apply for the study visa permit. The details of required documents can be downloaded from the official website for New Zealand immigration.

Payment of study expenses

After applying for the student visa permit and receiving approval one needs to clear the dues (fees payment) in respect to the selected course for the first year. 

Waiting period for the result of the process

After applying and approval as well as the payment of tuition fees, the final call is waited for. In case of approval and acceptance, you are granted a visa permit.

It’s important to note that the respective permit is just permission to study. It’s neither a temporary visa nor a permanent one.

Requirements for student’s visa permit to New Zealand

  • Legal document as passports of aspirants
  • The filed application was accepted by the official authority
  • Document of acceptance concerning institute
  • Medical certificates
  • Character Certification 

The education visa in new zealand from dubai own a few basic requirements while choosing to apply at the NZ embassy. Below are mentioned some important trigger documents in respect of the same.

  • A recent virtual picture of the aspirant
  • A travel permit (passport) copy
  • Proof of mode of payment during the process
  • Email ID
  • Proof of financial background
  • Return tickets to home country

The citizens of Dubai, UAE are not particularly liable to apply officially for the Visa instead they can opt to apply for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) that assures multiple entries in the region. Obtaining the same is easy and the same extends to the travellers of a total of 60 countries. The same can be done both online and offline.

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