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Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Custom Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

Custom eyeliner boxes print for the attracts consumers. Customboxeszone designs custom eyeliner boxes because the eyeliner is an essential part of makeup, so; we make its packaging more appealing. For this purpose, we use high-quality biodegradable material that is good for the product and cheap and environmentally. Our company customizes all sizes and also shapes of custom boxes. Custom eyeliner boxes print so that it attracts consumers. That’s why we offer 3D printing, screen printing, flexography, offset printing.

And also digital printing with CMYK and PMS colors. The clients can creatively design their brand’s name, logo, slogan, and tagline using such printing. These boxes have become an essential part of the business because buyers can make their products unique and also boost their sales. We provide some add-on features, lamination, and also foiling to make the packaging more appealing. The company offers free 3D mock-up samples and quotes to its customers.

Custom Boxes are Available

The company provides wholesale custom eyeliner boxes. Custom boxes create a remarkable impact on customers, and also they become loyal consumers of the product and brand. Eyeliner demand product in the cosmetic industry because it helps enhance the beauty of eyes. So, ladies like it and also they want it in proper packaging. Our team customizes these boxes with different techniques, like you can print your product’s name or brand’s name and also some other essential information on the boxes. All these things are the best source to attract clients. We highlight a few primary benefits of custom boxes that mention below.

  • Such packaging protects your product
  • Make it eye-catchy
  • It’s a sustainable product
  • Best for advertising and also marketing
  • Boost the sale.
  • Fine material and printing for custom boxes

There are many printing options that we are offering. For your desired printing, you can contact our team. Or company will help you and proper guide you to design the eyeliner custom boxes distinctive. We offer flexography, 3D printing, screen printing, digital printing, and also offset printing, and these have different techniques and jobs to design the boxes. The designers use CMYK to design brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc. PMS is used to design the logo, solid artwork, and other printing options.

While selecting the material, the buyers observe manufacturing, durability, economic, environmental factors, industry-standard standards, etc. For the product, the packaging is everything because its vibrant colors, symbols, and captions are used to attract consumers. We use Kraft, corrugated, and also cardboard material for eyeliner custom boxes. The demand for material is increasing gradually because of its numerous benefits. This type of raw and also materials use for various product packages. Some primary advantages of this material are below.

  • Eco-Friendly

The significant benefit is that it is environmentally and also can be recycled easily.

  • Durability & Rigid

It is common in the packaging industry because of its durability and also rigid nature. It remains the shapes same while shipping.

  • Economical

It is plant-based material, and also it requires less pulp from trees, reducing its cost and making it economical.

  • Multiples Uses

Cardboard and Kraft are used for food, makeup, oil boxes, glassware utensils, etc. Such boxes keep the products safe while traveling.

  • Good for Customizations

You can get various shapes and sizes. This material gives a striking look after printing. So, it considers a good option for custom boxes.

Availability of Different Box Styles

After material, the second important step is the style of boxes. We offer a wide range of eyeliner custom boxes to customers. Here are some styles:

  • Auto bottom style
  • Display style
  • Drawer style
  • Folding style
  • Gable top paper style
  • Hang tab style
  • Pillow style
  • Snap lock style
  • Front and reverse end-tuck
  • One-piece box
  • Two-piece box
  • 1, 2, 3 auto bottom
  • Sleeve box

Eyeliner Custom Box With Insert and Cut-Out

Our designer cut a piece of paperboard and glued it inside the box to secure the product in the boxes. Through this technique, the product fix in it. This technique is helpful for lightweight and also fragile products because they need support to stay in one place. It can also arrange multiple products in one box. The cut-out is also known as the window die-cut technique. A small piece of paperboard is cut from any side of the custom boxes wholesale. We offer many designs of cut-outs like rectangle, square, star, heart, and many others as you want.

Give a Creative Look With Our Add-On Features

The company offers add-on features that are helpful to make eyeliner custom boxes creative. We offer premium embossing and debussing technology. Through it, you make the logo or your brand’s name notable. Embossing is lovely technology that marks up the letters. Debussing press down the letters, but both are demanded and most loving techniques. We also offer three types of laminations gloss, matt, and satin. Lamination makes the packaging smooth and adorable. Our add-on features like scoring, PVC sheet, UV spot, raised ink, and aqueous coating.

Contact Us

Customboxeszone offers free shipping in USA and CANADA. We provide 3D free samples and free quotes to our valued consumers. For more detail and guideline, you can contact us 24/7.

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