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Glutamine Rush Uses Benefits Side Effects

Glutamine Rush powdered supplement brings several athletic benefits such as speed-up muscle recovery, Decreases Muscle soreness, and boosting the immune system. It is an amino acid available in the body playing a key role in metabolic processes. Furthermore, it is crucial for energy production, and immune function.

As per the studies, 60% of glutamine is available in the muscles. In addition, our liver, kidney, and lungs also contain rich concentrations.  Glutamine supplement remains effective for dealing with depletion and glutamine restoration to their normal levels.

There was a time when individuals relied on whey protein to accomplish their desired fitness-related goals. With the rapid evaluation of the technology, the fitness industry ended up bringing new options for gym-goers in terms of supplementation.

These days you can find amino acids supplement in the market and use them to become a pro athlete. However, it does not mean all the powders and sports drinks available are equal. They contain artificial ingredients which can mess up your stomach.

Therefore, it is essential for you to read the label before buying any supplement for your fitness regime.  This powdered glutamine is very essential for your fitness journey.

In this article, we are going to explain the fitness-related benefits of glutamine rush supplements.

Quick Muscle Recovery 

Muscle recovery allows an athlete to bounce back on the exercise quickly. when a gym-goer engages in a fitness workout his energy levels begin to drop in the process. As a result, his performance lowers down with every set. 

Glutamine supplement goes down into the muscles repairing them quickly enabling you to train with full strength. It is an ideal supplement for improving your recovery rates.

However, one has to meet his protein intake through a regular diet as well. Protein is an essential micronutrient for the body supporting several functions. It keeps your cells organs and muscles in great shape.

Being an athlete, you can boast protein intake from regular meals. Food items like meat chicken fish and eggs carry appropriate amounts of protein to refuel your body. Besides protein carries essential amino acids that form new proteins in the body often known as building blocks of life. Therefore, combine your meals along with supplementation to improve your overall athletic Performance.

Fights DOMS

DOMS refers to a delayed onset muscle soreness, a condition where individual experiences irritation and muscle discomfort. Soreness is an obstacle in your fitness journey as it results in poor athletic performance.

There are several studies available regarding soreness. However, the real reason has not been found yet. It does not mean soreness is uncurbable. According to professional athletes, muscle soreness appears in the body when you hit the gym for the first time.

In case you experience muscle irritation after your first workout it means your muscles are growing. Whereas, soreness in the long term can cause muscle injuries.

Glutamine rush assists the users in reducing muscle soreness enabling them to get back on track.

You can also avoid muscle irritation by having rest after an extensive workout session. 8 hours of sleep is essential for relaxing your muscles for the next day. Another remedy to deal with soreness is having a 24-48 hours gap between a workout.

Immune Boasting 

A prime benefit of this powdered glutamine is boosting your immunity. Our immune system is a network of cells and muscle tissues. Which fight against diseases to protect us. If you are an athlete who aims to attain a lean physique, you need to have stronger immunity.

In the winter season when the risk of flu and cough increases, it can cause illness. A weakened immunity results in poor overall athletic performance. Glutamine improves your immune system without causing any side effects. Enabling you to withstand the extensive workout sessions in the summer and winter seasons.

Here one has to combine his diet plan along with supplementation and workout to accomplish desired fitness-related results.

Maximizes Performance

There are never-ending benefits of glutamine rush when it comes down to fitness and exercise performance. Besides fighting DOMS this high-quality supplement maximizes your performance.

Gym-goers often experience tiredness in the middle of intense workout sessions. It is because acid starts building up in the body causing a slow performance. Glutamine goes down into the body, eliminating the acid buildup and allowing you to train with energy.

Furthermore, it plays a significant role in speedy muscle recovery. However, there are critics available claiming that glutamine only improves your energy levels for a specific period. This means higher levels of trials are required to find out the facts.

Weight Loss 

Weight loss remains a core part of your fitness, especially when the purpose is to gain lean muscles.  If we take a closer look, building muscle and reducing fat simultaneously seems a daunting task. 

One can accomplish it through a disciplined fitness routine. This means you have to follow a diet with lower calories and supplements as well.

Glutamine supplement comes with zero calories to ensure your body does not consume excessive fats. Furthermore, it helps in burning calories during intensive workout sessions. Here you have to be careful with your diet, especially with calories as well.

According to professional athletes you need to consume 300-600 calories a day. This means one cannot cut calories from the diet as they are a main source of body energy.100% pure L-glutamine of the highest quality is available in GLUTAMINE RUSH. It mixes quickly into your preferred pre-, intra-, and/or post-workout recovery beverages and is flavorless. If you want to increase recovery times and strengthen the immune system, it is the ideal supplement to add to your supplement routine.

New athletes often cut calories from their diet for the sake of looking lean. Whereas, calories are the source of body energy. Reducing them will only drop your overall energy. Therefore, consume the above-mentioned quantity of calories which you can burn through exercise. Moreover, stay away from unprocessed foods like snacks and sugary beverages.

With the increasing popularity of glutamine supplements, there has been a debate regarding their health and fitness-related benefits. Some experts indicate it is a harmful powder in the long term. It can mess up your digestive system causing stomach upset and bloating.

Glutamine Side Effects 

Glutamine supplements can cause gas and bloating when used in the long term. Therefore, one needs to avoid such stuff to remain healthy. These studies are older and lack solid evidence to back the claims.

On the other hand, newer studies support the use of glutamine for your athletic journey. Whereas, you have to be careful with its dosage quantity. In case you are new to the industry, please ask your healthcare expert to recommend you appropriate dosage of the supplement. A conditionally necessary amino acid is glutamine. Despite the fact that the body is capable of producing it, supplementing with glutamine is advised due to the body’s high requirement for it. Overdosage can cause dizziness, drowsiness, and other health issues.


Glutamine is a versatile supplement for gym-goers. It is capable of fighting fitness obstacles like muscle soreness and improves your muscle recovery rates. Here one needs to make sure that he is also meeting his protein needs through a regular diet plan.

It is because protein plays many supportive roles in the body. Furthermore, avoid over-usage for the sake of quick results.

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