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Gokarna Beach Trek : A Complete Guide


Have you ever wondered what a beach trek would look like in your entire iteration? Well, Gokarna Beach Trek is a place that will answer your question and help to ease your stress! It is a perfect blend of Hills and beaches. It is 500 kilometers away from Bangalore. You can start your journey from Gokarna Beach or Gokarna Main Beach. If you start from Gokarna Beach, Paradise Beach is the next you would reach. There are many beaches that you might cross in this trek. Initially you will have to reach Paradise Beach after crossing the forest from Gokarna. Half moon Beach is your next destination that welcomes you with constant waves. After this you can reach Om Beach. After Om Beach, it is Kudle Beach which further leads you towards Gokarna Beach. So this trek is a combination of adventurous and unique natural vegetation. 

The Plan

It is almost an 8.5 kilometers trek, which can take around 5-6 hours. The average height of the Gokarna trail is around 270 meters above sea level. You can reach Gokarna in any of the 3 ways : by air via Mumbai or Bangalore; by train via Gokarna Town Railway station; by car or bus via Gokarna station. There are government buses available that will take you directly inside Gokarna Town. Best time to visit is during October-February and the other months are a bit hotter as compared to October months. 

To the Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a sarine beach complemented by huge black rocks. It used to be an offbeat beach, only frequented by backpackers. It is only accessible by a trek or ferry. One must arrive at this place by crossing a forest. People can enjoy the hitting of the waves on to the shore. You must keep your anxiety of getting into the water on the next Beach. Here you can enjoy the view of the waves hitting the shore. Now there is an availability of a campsite and kayaking vendors that you might want to do. 

To the Half Moon Beach 

The next destination is towards Half moon Beach. The path is clearly laid. Before reaching this, you must cross the tricky high rocks, which, if not cared for, will lead you directly to the sea. The trail is into the forest consisting of huge black rocks. Half moon Beach is a Crescent shaped Beach which is accessible only by trekking or ferry. It is a very peaceful place with a couple of shacks here and there. If you want to chill out anywhere in Gokarna, then Half moon Beach is the best. After reaching the Half moon Beach you can enter into the sea here as the sea is spacious here as compared to the previous one. You can also plan having lunch here if you have started your trek in the morning. 

To the Om Beach 

Then the next beach is towards Om Beach. It got the name because of the shape it takes based on Om. You must be quick to reach Om Beach from Half moon Beach in order to watch the sunset view. It is also accessible by road on one side. And the only other option to reach here is trekking. During high tide there would be water activities in the form of surfing and many more on this Beach. Here in this Beach there is a famous Cafe known as Namaste Cafe. You can have a nice coffee there. And the sounds of the waves along with a coffee will surely make your day.

To the Kudle Beach 

From here you can reach Kudle Beach. There is a road on both sides of the beach. If you are coming here in a vehicle then there is ample space for your car. It is quite safe to swim in. There are lots of shacks and cafes here, where you can opt to stay and have your meal. Check out La Pizzeria for a delicious meal. Here you can visit a little flea market set up by backpackers from across the world. 

And finally

The last you can reach is Gokarna Main Beach Trek. It is an easy DIY( do it yourself) trek that any beginner can do. While on your trek you will be passing through small hills that separate the beaches of Gokarna. This place is home to Sri Mahabaleshwara Swami Temple, which is a 4th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can ultimately reach this Beach by night and enjoy it for that day. 


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