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Grahan Village: Finding Paradise in Parvati Valley

Grahan is a remote village hidden in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Many backpackers seek this village located in the famous hill-station of Kasol at an altitude of about 7700 feet. Taking up a trek from Kasol is the only way one can reach this secluded village of Grahan. As there are no concrete roads that lead to this little hamlet. The Grahan village populated by a small community of 350 people have become a solace from the outside world for avid travellers and explorers. Also, the Grahan Nallah flowing through the village and along the trekking trail looks heavenly in itself.

Grahan Village 

The total trekking time taken by a trekker to get to Grahan from Kasol on an average is about 4 to 5 hours if you count in the breakpoints. Even if you are a first-timer and don’t know about trekking, it is pretty straightforward to take a trek to Grahan Village. In fact, Grahan Village serves as the base for some of the popular treks like Sar Pass trek. This is the reason why the route to Grahan village is self-explanatory with all the sign-boards and marks on your way. On the entire trail you will find some of the pretty spots from where you can get a beautiful view of the surroundings and be sure to capture those moments.

 Talking about the crowd of 350 people residing in the Grahan Village, they are more than heart-warming and friendly. You can have an insight of how pahadi locals spend their day while staying amidst them. The guesthouse and homestays are available at reasonably inexpensive prices and you can get the most out of it. The brave villagers face off any wild animals they might encounter on their way to collect honey from the dense forest in the mountains. The pure honey is way different from your branded honey as the honey-bee collect their nectars from the wildflowers of the Himalayas. The best time to visit Grahan Village would be in summers and autumn with the best of greenery and crystal-clear views of the surrounding.

 Tips for your trip to Grahan Village.

There are a number of things you can do while staying in the Grahan Village. First off, as you enter the village you can see small kids chit-chatting and playing among themselves. As the village community is small, it is tightly linked and everyone knows each other and you can expect these children to drown you in giggles as they approach you confidently. In no time, you will find yourself playing with them.

 A strict warning before you try to plan on consuming alcohol, as it is banned and it won’t be tolerated by the villagers if you try to do so. You will be asked to leave the village if you are found having alcohol.

So, does that mean we cannot enjoy our stay? Don’t worry you will have another option of the village’s own way of having fun. The magic honey which is not less than any alcohol with its sugar rush. In fact, it is a part of the cuisine in Grahan Village. If you get a chance to have some, then don’t miss it as villagers barely have it for themselves.


It is given that at such a secluded spot you won’t find any ATM, so make sure you carry enough cash with you and be ready for the heart-warming stay in the wooden houses of homestays or guesthouses. The rooms are comfortable with basic amenities and the organic food served at your stay. You can choose to spend time with family hosting you in the homestay. If you are one for the culture, then staying with locals is definitely for you rather than the guest houses.

Even though there seems to be a lot of restrictions that one needs to adhere to for hiking to the Grahan Village in order to maintain the natural environment of the village. The hike to Grahan is one of the prettiest treks with the river flowing alongside. The entire trek region is nestled between the Great Himalayan National Park with its beautiful forest, mountains and the Grahan river. It is marked as one of the famous tourist spots. The river is so clean that you can refill your bottles over here and also making a pit stop around it serves as one of the picturesque rest-stop. The cool breeze coming from the river will wash away all your tiredness from the trek.

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