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Harmful Effects of Too Much Usage of Cell Phone

Side Effects of Cell Phone Over Usage

Cell phones were introduced in the late 20th century and it was the turning point of communication. It transformed into a simpler form after every new feature. Each feature ameliorated lifestyle in terms of communication also merged all the electronic devices into a smartphone. With the rise of the smartphone, its addiction, rules, and regulation have also surged. Like PTA check online service, each country has its regulatory authority to control cellular istanbul escort crimes.

Not just did crimes soar, but cell phone addiction also contributed to the side effects of this technology. As technology is dissolving in our lives, its addiction is causing severe problems for the users. You would like to take a look at some of the side effects of its usage.

Side Effects

Social withdrawal

Too much usage of mobile phones distances you from people. Instead of talking face-to-face, a cell phone addict prefers to communicate via cell phone. No matter how many people are in a room, most are busy on social media sites on their cell phones. It leads to social anxiety also when social withdrawal gets worse.

Compulsive usage/addiction

Compulsive usage is a term used when a person checks their phone frequently whether for a message or reactions of social peers on social media posts. They can’t spend much time without checking their phones. Once you become a cell phone addict, you will struggle to spend time in gatherings without a phone. 

Neck problems

Neck problems are common in this case, due to the overuse of cell phones, they face Text-neck problems. Text-neck is a side-effect that bends the neck, the body posture gets a curve caused by the usage of cell phones in texting while sitting or walking. Poor sleep schedule is also a major issue that contributes to body pain and insomnia.

Eyesight issues

Our eyes are the most sensitive organs that face maximum damage while using cell phones. It gets worse at night in the darkroom, the high-powered light of the screen dazzles the eyesight that we ignore. Exposure to technology is ruining the lives of kids and even toddlers. Their eyesight becomes weak as well as the thinking process gets weary at an early age that could create problems later.

Depression via Social comparison 

The bombardment of too much information creates an inferiority complex in the users of social media, watching the glamorous lifestyle of social media influencers causes deep feelings of discontentment. Nowadays, it is getting worse among teens. 

They start comparing themselves with those social media personalities, which causes demand for materialism. It is the root cause of today’s depression among social media users, especially teens; they refuse to accept reality. 

Road accidents

Too much usage diverts attention, which leads to accidents whether you are driving or walking on a footpath. Just a glance on your phone’s screen and you crash. There is no way back once you face it. It is better to get rid of your cell phone while you are walking or driving.


  • Turn off push notifications of social media apps 
  • Make a schedule of using social media 
  • Spend time in activities that you love
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Try psychological methods
  • Put your cell phone aside an hour before going to sleep.


Everything is less harmful until you exceed its usage limit, you have to keep things in balance. Technology is pacing every year with advanced features. The time is near when everything will be connected to technology, and nature will be a rare thing to experience. With the help of the PTA check online service, you can have assistance in various issues regarding escort istanbul telecommunication.

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