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How Can Shopify Experts Master Payment Gateway Integrations?

In this article we are telling about important payment integration methods

Businesses need to join the E-Commerce market as soon as possible to make the incredible feasible, even if it is still in its infancy in Pakistan. Simply said, the market is becoming more competitive on a daily basis. The only way to gain a foothold in it is by using Shopify Experts to create a web store, followed by Payment Gateway Integrations.

The platform, a favorite of retailers, has teamed with international payment processors to help firms’ sales efforts. Your consumers can now pay using their favorite online payment method and local currency. All you need to do is integrate payment gateways and obtain Shopify developer support.

Integrations with payment gateways have consistently had a big impact on Shopify Development Services. Businesses frequently have trouble locating and integrating the ideal payment gateway when selling goods or services online. No longer, since Xcentric is here to address the issue. The BEST payment gateway integrations in Pakistan that we linked with companies’ Shopify stores are listed below. Let’s move on with it!

Five Payment Gateway Integrations to Increase Sales on Shopify

Payment gateway integrations are now a powerful tool utilized by firms in every industry as e-commerce has spread throughout the world. In essence, their integration enables the merchants to take part in payment gateways integrations activities like online shopping and bill paying. Many web retailers in Pakistan use international payment gateways integrations. They still struggle with the cost and integration process, which is where our Shopify Experts come to the rescue.

Using their combined platform knowledge and experience, they provide high-growth solutions for Shopify businesses that are having trouble handling their online payments. A Shopify Web Developer may increase the platform’s functionality and aid in the expansion of businesses by integrating payment gateways successfully and seamlessly. Make a statement in your field, whether it be electronics, cosmetics, or apparel.

shopify payment gateway

1. Integration of the HBL Payment Gateway Integration of the HBL Payment Gateway

People have valuable time in this modern, technological age, and they don’t want to squander it waiting in a payment line. In today’s quick-paced world, HBL’s internet payment gateway enables your websites. Online shops, stores, and mobile apps to accept 24/7 payments via any Visa, Mastercard, debit, or credit card terminal. Both Pakistani and foreign cards are accepted for this service.

HBL’s service enables businesses and institutions to take payments directly from customers through their websites. Customers benefit from ease and convenience as a result. This platform’s integrated fraud management solution, which helps to safeguard against internal hacking and various frauds, also improves security.

In Pakistan, Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is the top commercial bank, providing services to over 27 million clients globally. Due to its promise of high-level client protection. The bank’s payment gateway has been increasingly linked with Shopify Stores in Pakistan.

Nearly all organizations in the modern world use or desire to use online payment gateway for a variety of functions. With comprehensive security and approved procedures, Boundless Technologies will install the HBL payment gateway on your e-commerce website. Because you have a record of every penny you spend while using any online gateway, it is crucial for Boundless Technologies to establish a trustworthy relationship with our clients. Allow Boundless Technologies to install a payment gateway for you now, with full security and verification.

Therefore, get the HBL payment gateway integration if you want to give. Your consumer’s high-level security on the Shopify Development Store and shield them from fraudulent transactions. No matter how your customers access your storeā€”on a mobile device or a desktop- The integration provides straightforward transactional models.


Muslim Commercial Bank Limited is the second source of a payment gateway that our Shopify development company integrates for clients. Another name has become well-known in the financial industry as a result of the reputation it has built for itself over time.

Now, the bank is working just as hard to improve the security and flexibility for consumers who purchase on Shopify sites. In comparison to other payment gateways integrations, it provides a 3D-secure payer authentication.

With nearly 7 million customers and a significant network of branches all over Pakistan, MCB is a payment gateway provider we trust as a major force. A Shopify Developer at Xcentric can integrate your Shopify store with the MCB payment gateway to streamline your online transactions.


With a network of more than 600 branches across Pakistan and even a worldwide presence, Al-Falah is one of the five biggest banks there. Modern payment gateway MasterCard Payment Gateway Services powers its integrated online payment system. Hire a Shopify Web Developer to connect this payment gateway with your Shopify store and make it possible for customers to pay with a debit or credit card.

The payment gateway supports customers for seamless integration, customer friendliness, and versatile integration choices with cutting-edge technology. The payment gateway’s noteworthy features include industry-leading fraud management solutions, making it essential for effective Shopify App Development. Getting the payment gateway integrated with your Shopify store will enable you to start selling more quickly, intelligently, and safely.

4. Integration of the EASYPAISA Payment Gateway

EasyPaisa, which was introduced in 2009 by prominent telecommunications firm Telenor, functions similarly to Payoneer. It serves as a payment gateway and aims to offer branchless banking services. To make financial transactions easier, we integrate the EasyPaisa payment gateway with Shopify storefronts of businesses when we offer Shopify Store Development Services.

The first online payment gateway for eCommerce buyers and sellers in Pakistan is called Easypaisa. It is an e-payment system that lets internet users conduct transactions online. Merchants can integrate with the Easypay Online Payment System using the Easypaisa payment extension for Magento.

Any store can easily incorporate the Easypaisa extension for Magento. You will eventually need to have your Magento store integrated with extensions if you run one. The extension that is offered is utilized to carry out tasks that expedite and simplify the buying procedure.

Merchants can integrate their Magento store with the Easypay Online Payment System by using the EasyPaisa payment extension. Any store can easily integrate this extension. The extension provides two ways to pay.

Because this payment gateway has cheap fees for retailers, we as a Shopify development agency have added it to our list of integrations. In reality, EasyPaisa had 7.4 million active users back in 2020, and that number has continued to rise up to the present.


shopify payment gateway

Through the telecommunications provider Jazz’s JazzCash service, customers may send money to retailers around the world. The provision of branchless banking is the main objective of this service. As a Shopify Development Company, we help businesses save time and money by implementing the JazzCash payment gateway on Shopify sites.

You need to make sure that customers can easily and securely make payments on your Shopify Store because they are just as important as your company. Get the appropriate payment gateways implemented by team Xcentric to stand out in the competition.

We are a top Shopify E-Commerce Development Company in Pakistan. Shopify Partner specializes in offering services designed for rapid company growth. We have what it takes to effectively integrate any payment gateway that works for your online store. Therefore, put an end to your search for Shopify experts nearby and give us complete control of your payment gateway integration project.

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