How Do Healthcare Contact Centers Help Improve Patient Experiences?

Many healthcare providers often reach out to these BPO partners to prevent patient losses.

Patient satisfaction and experiences matter a lot in healthcare contact center services to set the tone for the rest of the relationship between the healthcare facility and the patients. According to a recent study, patients who are truly satisfied and feel good about their first experience are more likely to remain engaged with the brand. This is why brands outsourcing contact center solutions for healthcare services set this as a benchmark for driving higher revenues.

Moreover, many healthcare providers often reach out to these BPO partners to prevent patient losses. Multiple research has revealed that, on average, health systems often encounter a 10%-20% of loss in their annual revenues due to patient losses. This is where customer support outsourcing solutions can prove to be of immense help.

4 Ways how healthcare contact centers help improve patient experiences


  1. Result-driven strategies:

    Crafting a result-driven strategy is the most important and effective step to experience success. In fact, businesses with a successful strategy in place find it easier to make the right decisions and achieve their individual and collective goals. An ideal healthcare contact center understands this very well and will develop a well-defined customer support strategy. In addition, a high-end healthcare customer support strategy ensures a healthy relationship between patients and healthcare service providers. From ways to address patients’ queries to the tools to implement for patient satisfaction, the strategy must define every goal, initiative, and implementation for driving results. Therefore, this step is absolutely required to set the base for maximizing the chances of success.

  2. Omnichannel engagements:

    Today’s patients expect healthcare brands to offer multiple communication channels. These can include email, social media, live chat, phone calls, text messages, etc. In order to meet the varied expectations of individual customers, contact centers emphasize omnichannel engagement to deliver personalized solutions.

    Modern healthcare BPO agencies support multiple channels, allowing patients to choose a preferred medium for seamless interactions. This unified and integrated communication system also minimizes the overall operational costs and maximizes the healthcare customer satisfaction rate.

    Studies have shown that omnichannel approaches help to deliver more positive patient experiences and high satisfaction rates. In addition, it provides a consistent communications journey for patients, therefore making them feel appreciated and valued throughout the process. Hence, BPO companies for healthcare smartly use this omnichannel approach to improve their customer support deliveries.

  3. Personalized services:

    Patients these days deliberately look for personalized services whenever they come across any healthcare customer support representatives. Modern patients view personalized services as customized solutions, multilingual support, prompt and precise responses, ease of choosing preferred communication channels, etc. As a result, agencies offering contact center solutions for healthcare services primarily include these features to generate more satisfactory experiences.

    Recent studies have mentioned that 82% of healthcare customers are ready to pay more for an exceptional customer experience. This shows how important it is for the contact centers to anticipate customer needs and expectations. As a result, they leave no stone unturned to make their services personalized.

    Moreover, customer support agencies delivering personalized solutions help healthcare providers to build a strong reputation and enhance their business outreach. This is one compelling reason why successful healthcare institutions always look for personalized contact center solutions.

  4. Eliminate call abandonment:

    Patients are more likely to connect with healthcare customer support agents whenever there is an urgency and require instant resolutions for an incident. They prefer making a call or interacting with a live chat support agent to resolve their problems during their first contact itself. Hence, healthcare customer support agents failing to deliver instant and appropriate solutions always lead to dissatisfaction. This shows how important it is for contact centers to improve their first contact resolution rates.

    First contact resolution (FCR) defines the efficiency of agents in resolving customer queries during their first interaction with customer support representatives. In order to maintain constant growth in the FCR rate, contact centers indulge in several industry-specific practices, including creating an informative knowledge base, providing quality training to agents, anticipating customer needs and priorities, measuring agent performances constantly, etc.

    These practices help contact centers ensure an increased FCR rate, which directly impacts patient experiences. Many reputed contact centers even streamline inquiry and leverage AI-driven tools to elevate FCR rates. Therefore, BEFORE looking for healthcare contact centers, it is important that you check out their efficiency in improving FCR.

Satisfy your patients with healthcare contact center solutions

Healthcare contact centers are efficient enough in delivering value-added services. However, their efficacy is measured using quantitative benchmarks. These include first call resolution rate, call abandonment rate, average call handling speed, net promoter score, customer satisfaction rate, etc. These metrics help contact centers optimize their performances and let businesses grow their bottom line. Therefore, connecting with one of the most appropriate BPO companies for healthcare service outsourcing is extremely vital if you want to improve the results of your business.


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