How to Build Questionnaires Through Different Tools?

How to Build Questionnaires Through Different Tools?


After finalizing your research topic and defining your research’s scope and limits, the next step is data collection. It doesn’t matter if you are doing quantitative or qualitative research building questionnaires for data collection is the way to go. However, gone are the days when students had to prepare questionnaires in hard copy and go door to door to get them filled. Technology has revolutionized everything, and now you can build an online questionnaire. There are multiple platforms online where you can build an online questionnaire. But you need to know the best tools for building questionnaires and how to build them.

How do I build online questionnaire?

When creating a questionnaire, it’s critical to understand how to construct questions that will return your respondents’ most relevant and accurate responses. It’s not as simple as jotting down all the thoughts that occur to the mind. You’ll have an easier time developing the most effective online questionnaire for your purposes if you use the correct questionnaire software and practices. Keep the following things in mind to building an online questionnaire.

  • Formulate Clear Questions

It’s critical to ensure that survey questions are clear and understandable while crafting them. You may wish to use jargon particular to your sector but do so sparingly. There’s a significant likelihood that some of your responders won’t know what all the words signify, which might cause misunderstanding. If your questions aren’t explicit enough, your responders may speculate on the replies, resulting in erroneous statistics. You can get help from a dissertation writing service to formulate clear questions.

  • One Question at a time

Although it may be appealing to combine two questions into one, this is something that should be resisted. It’s because the answers to each question may vary. The findings will be inaccurate if a person only has the option of selecting one response.

  • Provide the Option of “Other”

When constructing a multi-choice survey, including “other” as an option for respondents is beneficial. Several of your responders may not see their response mirrored in the options you’ve given. If they don’t have the option to pick “other,” there’s a strong possibility they’ll pick any answer. As a result, survey data will be compromised.

What online tools can you use to create an online survey?

1. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a very good platform to build an online questionnaire. It is user friendly, and you can easily create a survey questionnaire. You can analyze the results efficiently by integrating them with the Excel sheet. You just have to type your Question and add the response options. Users can also create a Likert Scale and Net Promoter. Microsoft allows the users to send a direct link to the respondents via email and social media. Microsoft forms interface allows you to monitor the responses visually. You can also integrate the results in Excel for better visualization and analysis.

2. Hub Spot

Hub spot is an intuitive and easy to use online platform for creating online questionnaires. The survey tools allow its users to collect qualitative and quantitative responses. It allows the users to send a direct link to the forms to the respondents via email or social media. You can choose from a variety of formats and generate the questions. Users can also monitor the progress of survey forms. The drag and drop option allows you to choose from various question types.

3. Feedier

Feedier is an easy platform to build online questionnaire. You can automatically generate both open-ended and close-ended questions. The software lets you build an engaging questionnaire with proper formatting and themes. It has a dashboard that lets its users actively monitor the feedback. Feedier will generate visually engaging reports, and you can share them easily. You can also integrate the reports with your workflows. After you build the questionnaire online, you will have an option to share it via email or social media platforms.

4. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a well-known platform for building online questionnaires. It has a free version that has the following features:

  • Formulate Open-Ended and Close Ended Questions
  • There are options for various question types
  • Respondents can be up to a maximum of 100
  • Customized themes and templates

5. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey provides valuable services when it comes to building questionnaires online. The survey’s design, distribution method and evaluation methods are exemplary. SoGoSurvey provides the following features:

  • It provides its users with the option of creating unlimited surveys
  • There is no limit on creating questions
  • More than 20 question types
  • You can embed the questionnaire into your email or social media
  • 200 respondents can fill up the survey at one time
  • Generates visual reports automatically and provides easy to share options
  • 24/7 free customer service

6. ProProfs Survey Maker

The online survey platform is free for the users to build online questionnaire. It allows the users to create complete survey questionnaires. After collecting the responses from the respondents, the online platform allows you to generate visual reports. You can generate the reports and do a graphical analysis of the results. Users can also monitor the survey details such as the person’s name, day or month of completion. It also allows its users to integrate the questionnaires in email and social media.

What is the best program to create a questionnaire?

  • Google Forms

Google Forms is the most popular and the most frequent platform to build online questionnaire. The quickest and most natural method to build online questionnaire is with Google Forms. The Google Forms’ editor is significantly quicker than any other program for adding and changing form fields. You can update the question kinds as you enter the data. Google forms can distinguish between open-ended and close-ended questions.

Google Forms has the following features:

  • Unlimited Questions
  • Unlimited Respondents
  • Automatically generates a tabular and graphic representation of data
  • Option of Various Themes
  • Work with friends and colleagues


Gone are the days when people had to physically draft the survey questionnaires and distribute them in print form. Digital platforms such as Google Forms and Microsoft, with their easy to use features, allow users to build online questionnaire. It has become easier for researchers to gather responses online and generate data analysis and presentation results.


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