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How to Change a Middle Part to a Side Part Wig

Knowing how to part a Lace Frontal Closure wig is a common worry among wig wearers and those considering one. If you’re a new closure wig human wearer, you might want the wig to be as near to your natural hair as feasible. We’ve put together some helpful ideas in this post to assist you in learning how to part with a Lace Frontal Closure wig for beginners.

Most closure wig human hair pieces will already have a central part in the hair. However, you can change it to wherever you choose. To adjust the part on your closure wig human hair, set it on a wig stand, dampen the hair slightly, and then start modifying the parting line. That’s how simple it is.

Why make a middle Lace Frontal Closure wig to a side part wig


Choose to side part a wig
Choose to side part a wig

The side part is a hairstyle that compliments all facial shapes. Whether you separate it to the left or the right, it will look fantastic on you. Strong cheekbones and good bone structure are complemented with a side part.

Follow these steps on how to change a middle part closure wig human hair to a side part wig. Achieve a clean and beautiful part in five steps.

Step number one- Prepping the hair

Comb all of your hair away from your face using a paddle brush. Lay down a comb with broader teeth on one end and closer teeth on the other, set the beginning where you want it to go, and part with the comb’s end. To part the hair, first spray a small amount of water evenly over the closure wigs human hair, paying special attention to the top and part.

Step number two- Time to split the closure wig human hair

Wet your hair and repeat the last step to ensure that all of the hair is in the desired direction. Then let it dry naturally or blow-dry each side from the roots, taking care to use a low heat setting to avoid burning the Lace Frontal Closure wig lace. After that, place two clips on each side for 5-10 minutes, then remove them.

It’s now time to part your hair! Assume your hair will be parted on the right side. Find a point between the right and the center by parting the Lace Frontal Closure wig close to the center point. You can experiment with various side parting positions until you discover the one that suits you best.

Step number three- Comb the lace frontal closure wig

Comb the hair gently forward on both sides of the part after you’ve divided it into two portions.

Step number four- Blow the Lace Frontal Closure wig downwards

Directly blow-dry the hair portion in a downward manner using your hairdryer and hairbrush, and blow-dry the Lace Frontal Closure wig flat. If you want one side of your hair to be flat and the other side to be volumized, use a blow dryer and a roller brush to add volume to one side of your hair in a side part and leave the other side alone.

Step number five- Brush the closure wig 

Finally, brush through the hair and try on your wig to determine if the parting should be rearranged. Finish with hairspray, styling cream, or something similar to tame the flyaways and keep everything in place.

Bonus tip- Finger through your Lace Frontal Closure wig to create a side part and observe where it falls to achieve a natural look. You can choose to tuck one side behind your ear for a traditional look or puff up one side for volume. Switching sides frequently is another tip for adding volume and concealing thinning hair. The deep side section is a more dramatic variation of this. It’s utilized to draw attention to your greatest features, such as your cheekbones and eyes.



Parting a Lace Frontal Closure wig is essential in creating natural and flawless-looking hair. Knowing how to part a middle part closure wig human hair to a side part wig will enhance your look and give you that confidence you always want.

However, you need a Lace Frontal Closure wig that is good in quality. To get one, visit TGH. True Glory Hair closure wigs handcrafted from genuine virgin hair and feature a pre-plucked hairline for a natural appearance. These wigs include a handcrafted, customizable free-part lace front that gives you an undetectable, straight-from-your-scalp look when worn.

Their closure wigs are composed of virgin Brazilian Straight hair that is smooth and thick from the weft to the tip, making it simple to style, part, and maintain. Due to the hair’s resilience, it can easily be curled and straightened, making it an excellent choice for an easy-to-style installation.


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