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How to choose an under sink reverse osmosis system?

under sink reverse osmosis system

 As the saying goes: food for the people, food to water first, water to the net. Because water is so important, we have higher and higher requirements for the quality of drinking water. And in water purifier is more and more common today, there are still friends who will ask: is it necessary to install an under sink reverse osmosis system?

Tips to tell water good of bad.

Tap water looks clean, but there are more impurities than you can imagine. We can use the following simple ways to identify the water quality in our homes

  1. Look

Use the glass with higher transparency to fill the water, looking at the light to see whether there are suspended impurities and precipitation impurities in the water, such as visible impurities in the water, indicating that the water quality is too poor, not up to drinking standards.

See burn kettle, see the commonly used burn kettle in the home, does the inner wall knot a yellow scale? If there is an indication that the water is too hard (and may contain rust).

To see if there is a sediment phenomenon after water shutdown:

under sink reverse osmosis system

  1. Smell

Put a glass of water in and smell it. If you can smell bleach (chlorine), the amount of chlorine in tap water exceeds the standard.

  1. Test

First, prepare a piece of gauze, fold it into several layers, then wrap the gauze around the faucet, secure it with a rubber band, use it for half a month, then remove the gauze.

After removing the gauze, you may find that after only half a month, the clean gauze becomes extremely dirty, as shown below, there is a lot of dirt!

And this phenomenon shows that: your home has water pollution, dirt attached to the gauze, is intercepted impurities in the water.

The quality of water can be distinguished by the above three methods. What if there is pollution? Can the water purifier be solved? I believe that many people have only half a knowledge of water purifiers.

What does the water purifier do?

An under sink reverse osmosis system is a device that converts “less clean water” into “relatively clean water” and can be classified according to its filtration level. The most commonly used in the market are ultrafiltration water purifiers and reverse osmosis water purifiers, in addition to water softeners.

The function of the water purifier is to effectively filter the rust, sand, colloid, and adsorption of water chlorine, odor, heterochromatic, antibiotics, and so on.

It can effectively remove impurities such as harmful heavy metals in water.

Water purifiers can directly purify tap water and remove residual chlorine, which is the first step in improving the quality of household drinking water.

In a complete water treatment system, there is also much equipment such as a water softener and a direct drinking machine. The softener can remove calcium and magnesium ions and soften the domestic water. The terminal filtration of a direct drinking machine can make the tap water reach the standard of raw drinking.

Whether to install a water purifier, look at the following filter will know:

The filter element of the under sink reverse osmosis system is like the “kidney” of the human body. Water clarifier effluent water quality not only depends on the quality of the filter element, more depends on whether the service life of the filter element for changes in time. If you don’t to change the filter for a long time, it can cause water blockage, the water will not only smaller, the effect of filter will then become weak, as a result, after a water purifier water also won’t get very good purification, but purification degree of nature was also reduced.

What are the exact advantages of under sink reverse osmosis?

Water purifiers can filter out bacteria and viruses in the water

First, water purifiers can filter out bacteria and viruses in the water! Not all water purifier can do, only reverse osmosis water purifier can do this, because the inner reverse osmosis membrane filter element, that is, RO membrane filter element, its filtration accuracy can block bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and antibiotics and other substances, reduce the content of water!

Therefore, in the face of water pollution, we have to understand clearly, choose the right products, if the pollution is serious, the best choice with RO membrane filter element reverse osmosis water purifier, the effect can be more ideal!

The water purifier can purify the water with pesticides

Second, the under sink reverse osmosis system can purify the water with pesticides! Although in theory, the water purifier can filter pesticide residues is material, such as chemical pesticides. But there is a pollution of water purifier for tap water, not intentionally to add chemicals to the water. And then use water filter to filter, or such as industrial wastewater. Such as nuclear waste, to filter with household water purifiers, observe whether effect is useful! First to determine the water purifier is for tap water, rather than the pesticide water, industrial waste water, and nuclear waste water, industrial wastewater treatment has the related equipment to deal with, the same is true with nuclear waste water, different water purification equipment for different water conditions, namely, household water purifier is bear family water pollution situation, rather than the industrial wastewater and pesticide water. So if the water purifier has this effect, it is not a household water purifier, should be “water purification device”.

Therefore, we should correctly understand the water purifier, understand the water purifier is for the pollution of tap water, do not believe in what filter pesticide water and other experiments!

The water quality of water purifier can soften blood vessels

Third, the water quality of water purifier can soften blood vessels! In the propaganda of some water purifiers, some people mislead consumers, that the water purifier can change the pH of the human body, soften the blood vessels. Such a statement is completely not credible, to know that the water quality of the water purifier has not changed. Just less dirty substances, or the original tap water. Water enters our body, is to play the role of metabolism, other health care functions are hard to believe!

In short, some of the role of the water purifier is false exaggeration. Some are deliberately misleading, to induce consumers to buy. But in fact, the household water purifier is for the household water, the water quality of the family is common pollution, water purifier for these pollution, of course, the effect is better. Do not take the water purifier as a universal artifact. Also it can not completely deny the water purifier, its role is there! Household water purifiers, generally suitable for family use. To the family of tap water is pollution, convenient and household water needs, from front water purifiers, water softeners to pipeline machine, pure water machine, etc. They are for the household water need to design. So when there is a need to choose, and no other health care effect. No more can deal with the role of industrial sewage, pesticide water!

The human body is made up of 70% water, and when we drink water that contains too many impurities. Our kidneys carry a very heavy filtering burden. Once some of these impurities are not filtered out effectively. They slowly accumulate in our bodies, which may lead to disease over the years.

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