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How to choose Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters?

If you are considering a job on an offshore oil rig, whether as an oil worker or in some other capacity, you will need to know about living quarters. Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters can be challenging, not just because of the harsh weather conditions of the sea but also because even the most comfortable rooms are typically smaller than those of onshore homes.

The following guide gives some insight into what to expect when it comes to accommodation for workers on offshore oil rigs. 

What is Typical Rigger Housing Like?

Offshore housing for workers on oil rigs looks nothing like typical homes on land. While there are no shortage of theaters and restaurants on land, these facilities do not exist within OIL RIG homes.

Typical rooms on oil rigs, for example, are around 12 feet by 10 feet and they do not include any kind of special decor or furnishings. They typically have a bed, desk and chair; some may even have small loveseats or armchairs in the corner.

The lack of storage space in a room can make it feel messy and cramped. In addition, because workers are not allowed to bring food with them on an offshore oil rig for safety reasons (there have been instances where accidents happen), they must eat all meals at designated times which means anyone who gets hungry between meals will need to wait until next payday or Risk assessment day before getting any snacks!

Despite these challenges, however, workers on offshore rigs typically do not mind their limited living conditions since they are only there to work.

Wondering how rooms get dressed up for the holidays?

Although it might seem unfair at first glance- usually bosses agree on giving preference to those who are likely going through worse than others just because everyone deserves an equal chance no matter what happens within their personal life or workplace culture.”

If you’re thinking about a career as an oil worker, knowing what your living arrangements will be like before signing up for a job can help to prevent any surprises later down the line.

What’s Life Like for Offshore Oil Workers?

When compared to living conditions on land, life as an oil worker can be downright unbearable at times. Open-topped helicopters take workers out into the sea every day and return them back home after sunset, regardless of whether or not they have completed their shifts. 

Because there are no movie theaters, restaurants or shopping centers on offshore platforms, workers can also feel isolated during off-hours. While many of these inconveniences might be deal-breakers for most people, oil workers accept these challenges as part of their job — especially because it means they have steady work and a reliable paycheck.

No matter what problems you may face on an offshore oil rig, however, it’s important to remember why you’re really there. If you can remain focused on the big picture — earning your living while exploring the great outdoors — all of life’s little annoyances will be more than worth it in the end.


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