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How to Choose Right Storage for Apple MacBook pro and Mac Air

All apple MacBook pro comes produced after 2012 with SSD (Solid State Drive) which is very fast. And many applications can be easily opened without any lag and the storage of old macs can be upgraded. All the latest models of the MacBook pro or MacBook air the storage are onboard. And this storage cannot be upgraded as they are soldered on the logic board. It is a very important and crucial decision one have to make before buying any apple MacBook pro of how much storage they will need as this decision will ensure that for how many years you can use your MacBook as if the storage gets full in one year you will need to see alternative such as carrying external drive as keeping data in the external drive can be risky as they may get corrupted as data recovery Mumbai is very expensive.

Most MacBook air come with 128GB, 256GB & 512GB the cost of an apple MacBook air for 512GB will be costly compared with 128GB we have seen many users opt for 128GB just considering the price which later they regret. An apple MacBook pro can come with 256GB, 512GB, 1TB & 2TB as the pro is designed for professionals hence they have many higher storage options than the mac pro. If you are planning to buy a MacBook you can check out the suggestion below which will assist you in buying a mac that will meet your need & can be used for many years. In a general, we always ask our customers to buy 256GB of storage.

MacOS Update:

Apple release macOS updates every year. These updates are huge. Many updates go up to 12GB. Due to this if you have taken storage of 128GB then with these updates your MacBook air storage will be out of the limit. And as we discussed the newer models are not upgradable. Ultimately most of your time will spend of moving data to the enteral drive. Apart from this, you need to carry an external drive all the time. In general, for students we recommend, 256GB as this will ensure they can finish their studies. 256Gb storage will be enough to save lots of documents and macOS upgrades. Also these updates are very important as they are related to security and installing these updates are recommended. And many latest apps will only work on the latest version of macOS.

For Professionals:

If you are a photographer or video editor we suggest you go with the apple MacBook pro with 1TB or 2TB of storage as you can’t risk keeping pics in the external drive as hard disk data recovery is expensive and time-consuming this huge storage will allow you to make and storage even 4K videos and pics without worrying about the storage space. This high storage will make the MacBook very much expensive. But in a long run, this is not worth. You will need to carry an external drive each time you travel. Also remember to keep an external drive backup on the cloud or external hard disk. If the MacBook dies the data recovery on these macs is not possible. Because the storage is onboard which makes it impossible to recover the data hence keeping an additional backup is always recommended.

128GB Options:

128Gb is a great option for web surfers or if you work only on a few words and power points. If you are a person who uses only a few apps such as word, you can choose to opt for the 128GB option. This 128Gb MacBook air cost less and is very good if you want to travel around. If your MacBook air is older such as 2015 or 2017 you can easily get the storage upgrade without any issue as these storage are upgradeable. There are many options of upgrade to 256GB and 512GB.

Time Machine & Cloud:

No matter what storage you have, always make sure to keep a time machine backup. These can come in handy if there is any liquid spilled on the MacBook which can damage the MacBook storage. Apart from these there are many options of Cloud which is safe and secured. There are no or very fewer chances of data loss if you store the data on the cloud. There are many cloud options such as iCloud, one drive, google drive but if you are an apple user you should consider apple iCloud. Apple iCloud drive is best when it comes to data backup. They can very easily conveniently store the data without any manual work. If you like this article do share it with your friends as this information can be handy before buying any MacBook & for an external drive we recommend WD external drive as they are good and comes with a higher warranty compared to others.

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