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How to Choose the Best CBSE School Near Me – Everything You Need to Know

We know the school admission 2022-23 season is coming up along with the pandemic. It becomes tough for the parents to decide on a school. They should shortlist a school and apply for their child’s admission. Also, with this, a meaningful question arises in their mind. Whether the schools they choose should be in the locality or not?. Experts suggest that going to a nearby school is more reasonable in this time. When we consider Kerala state, CBSE school Kottayam are the best schools ever.

CBSE School


 5 Reasons for Choosing a Nearby School for Your Child 


 (a) Traveling Time: With less time spent travelling, a child gets more time for other important tasks like personality- development, co-curricular, self-study, more time to rest and enrich productivity and so on the list. 


( b) Strain from the Journey: With the stressful traffic circumstances, travelling via motor vehicle can be a clumsy task for a child, a nearby school can help extensively in this situation and reduce the travel tiredness which means the child can now direct his development more towards achieving success, overall development and good. 


 (c) Accessible to parents: Since the school is within a short distance, this makes it easy for the parents to reach their child during any emergency situation. 


 (d) Better Access to Academic Support: Having a school in the vicinity enables a child to have the benefits of extra classes, discuss with schoolteachers and seek their help post-school hours. This becomes a challenge while travelling a longer distance. 


 (e) Further Access to Extracurriculars: Since most schools have formats where children can stay back post-school hours for the preparation of academic level competitions, contests and contests. It becomes easier for a student to avail of these facilities if the school is near or within walking distance. It is just like CBSE School Kottayam for Kottayam people. 


 Tips to Choose the Best Schools 


Choosing a school plays an important factor in our child’s career. It becomes compulsory for the parents to do all the research before they start applying for the schools. Some of the major criteria’s to look out for to find the best schools around the vicinity are: 


1) Academic Profile of the School: This is the most significant quality where details of the academic program, gospel of school’s education and the degree to which a school aligns itself to the standard of education defined by the concerned authorities should be charged and compared to its challengers. 


 2) School Structure and Installations: A sound structure plays an important part in overall education. Installations like laboratories, computer centres, technology, playgrounds, classrooms, number of students per class etc. are necessary. These important factors determine the quality of education in a school. Hence should top the precedence list. 


 3) Faculties: The quality of tutoring depends on the teachers and their credibility to educate the students which decide the performance of a student. Hence assessment around the same is a must-do for any parent before they consider a school. 


 4) Schools Achievement: The track record of the school reveals a lot about their standard and credibility when compared to their challengers. The feedback of their current students and alumni can reveal a lot about the school. Currently, social media and google have become a large source of information to select and compare these schools. 


5) Environmental Factors: Environmental factors like the quality of safety and security for a student is more important to make sure that a child studies in a healthy culture free of bullying, limitations, and demands.


 6) Quality of Students: The quality of the peer groups plays an important part in a child’s overall growth. A high-quality peer-group ensures a high quality of competition and literacy.


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