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How to Create a Paper Valentine Wreath.

How to Create a Paper Valentine Wreath. Create your own DIY Valentine’s Chaplet utilizing your favorite pattern papers! We’re here to show you how.

This simple paper wreath consists of 14 boxes arranged around the hoop. It also serves as a countdown to Valentine’s Day. Your loved one can open one every day and remember how much they love.

, the boundaries of the form hearts and packages are crumpled. This simple paper art trick is where you dip them with an ink pad. You can easily customize the containers to accommodate larger or smaller gifts or even add envelopes or cards.

This project is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day craft ideas this year. Why not adopt this idea for other occasions like a birthday? You can swap out the heart shapes with stars or circles.

Check out our 35 Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for more romantic crafts or sew on this Valentine’s embroidery design.

Using a dinner plate and side plate as a template for your wreath ring, cut it out from recycled cardboard packaging. Corrugated or chipboard makes an excellent, firm base for your wreath. Also, check some of our pencil arts.

Stock up on valentines

This DIY Valentine Wreath is easy to customize for your loved ones by changing the paper used. You can do it with plain paper or opt for a matching set of valentine papers. We’re happy to add a combined effect to your finished wreath.

You will need

  • pattern paper
  • Bakers twine 
  • decorations
  • Cardboard ((You can cut it from a cardboard box))
  • duct tape
  • Stamp pad gold ((optional))
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glue

Total time:

2 hours

Step 1

Cut a 270mm circle with a 200mm opening in the center from heavy cardboard. This will be your main base for your Valentine wreath! Tie a piece of baking cord around the top of the ring as a hanger and secure it with tape.

valentines 1

Step 2

Cut out 20-30 different-sized heart shapes from various pattern papers (use enough to cover the entire Valentine wreath). We used a die cutter for this, but you can also download our complimentary core templates (PDF).

Step 3

To count a piece of surface to your seats, dab the edges of each heart with gold ink to create a “distressed” effect. Starting at the top, attach the directors about the cardboard ring utilizing double-sided tape – overlaying per of the cores so that no cardboard shows.

Step 4

Trim some patterned pieces into a rectangle that counts 75 x 85mm and slice all four flanks at 20mm. Slice a tab at each corner, fold up and stick the bills inside to create a gift box. Duplicate to complete 14 box bases.

Step 5

Trim some patterned pieces to 45 x 120mm and score the lengthy flank at 35mm, 55mm, 9mm, and 11mm—count adhesive to the end flap to form a sleeve. Duplicate to create 14 sleeves for the donation boxes.

Step 6

Precise cut different motifs from the patterned pieces, or you could utilize stickers or rocks for this. Attach a part to the top of the per box sleeve with foam pads to differentiate the boxes.

Step 7

Skate the tubes into their related sleeves and arrange them around the heart wreath. Secure the sleeve’s reverse onto the spray to continually push the box in and out.

Add small contributions or notes to each package.

Step 8

You can turn your garland into a numbered offering or valentines countdown wreath as an optional step. To do this:

  1. Stick some digit stickers going from 1 to 14 onto minor document label forms, cut from patterned pieces (you can also utilize an enclosure to add this lettering if you have fantastic handwriting).
  2. Tuck the tags underneath the package decorations and secure them in position with double-sided tape to finish.
  3. If you don’t include any digit stickers, register your own operating an exemplary liner enclosure!valentines 2

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