How to get more likes on Fb page in 2022

Do you also want to get more likes on Fb page? Then this article could prove to be a trump card for you. Because in this, we will tell you the ways in which you will be able to grow your Facebook page without paying any money.

The Importance of a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the biggest social media platform, and now it is not limited to just making friends online. Here, people are now making a lot of progress by creating a page for their brand or business.

Do you know that almost 400 users join Facebook every minute? And about 93% of marketers use Facebook ads to increase their sales. This tells us how important a Facebook page is for business.

There are also many such people who have increased the likes on their page instantly through Followersindia. But in this article, we will tell you ways to boost likes and increase followers without spending any money.

Optimize your page profile for users

When you create your Facebook page, it is very important that you optimize your profile well. This means that you set your cover and profile photo as well as the about section in such a way that whoever visits your page for the first time will find your page professional.

  • Cover Photo and Profile Picture: This is such a thing that, first of all, users see it and get attracted to it. But if you put some simple images, then no user will be attracted to them.

That’s why you should always get attractive images according to your brand or niche. This will get more likes on Fb page.

  • About Section: Here you will write the things that represent your brand, its service, or product. Because by reading this, people can decide whether they click the like button on your page or not. In this, you must put your contact details and if there is any website, its link also.

Start posting informative content 

There are many people who create a Facebook page, but they want that without posting anything, they can get more likes on the Fb page and make new customers from Facebook.

But here you will be able to do this only when you give content to the audience. Because no one can grow their page without posting content on a social media platform. 

Posting content does not mean that you start posting anything. If people do not benefit from your content, then they will not follow and like your page.

Is informative content useful to get more likes on Fb page?

Whether you have created your Facebook page for business or for any other purpose, Likes will grow when you put quality content on it. You create content that is related to your niche and is entertaining or informative.

If you do this, then people will like that content, and they will also share those posts with more people, which will increase your likes very quickly.

What is the frequency of sharing posts?

If you share posts by giving a gap of many days, then your audience will follow other pages because they mean getting content. No matter who he meets.

But even sharing more posts than necessary can upset your audience. Because if someone sees posts on Timeline again and again from the same page, then he will get upset and unfollow.

That’s why you try to do only 1 or 2 posts every day. And in this, you share your brand’s promotional post only once a week. For the remaining 6 days, you can share informative and interesting content, but it should match your category.

The timing of posting is also important

If anything is not done at the right time, then its result is not right. And this also applies to social media activities. Because the purpose of the post you publish is that it should be visible to more people so they can like, share, or comment on it.

But if you publish posts at a time when very few people are online, then your post will never get more likes. You publish the post either after 5pm or in the morning. But these timings can also be different for all categories.

Make your work easy by scheduling your content

Creating content for any social media channel is very difficult. because doing one post daily is essential and you may have more things to do. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to decide what content should be passed every day.

That’s why you make a content calendar. In this, you set which content you have to post on which day of the coming month. With this, you will not be confused at all and you will be able to post content on Facebook every day.

Use Facebook reels to reach out to more people

In the summer of 2021, the option of reels was launched on Facebook. And this thing has helped a lot of creators and businesses grow new audiences. Through reels, you can reach your audience even if they do not follow your page. Isn’t this a good thing for business?

Through this, you can share content related to your product or services and can also show behind the scenes. 

For example, you must have seen many reels on Facebook in which food vendors show their food. So if you haven’t used reels yet, you are missing out on attracting a lot of customers to your page.

Use insights to understand your audience and create posts according to it

If you want to gain more likes on fb page, then it is important that you understand the needs of your audience. You can use Insights for that. These help you to know the demographics of the audience.

You see which posts have got more engagement and create more content like that. With this, you can see how much your page is growing. Where and from where are people getting engaged on your page?

The most effective way to use the Invite option

When you go to any Facebook page, there is an option called Invite People. You can get a lot more fb page likes by inviting your Facebook friends to your page. But if your fb friend list is very small, then you may not get more likes.

But just as you can send an invitation to your friends to like your page with just one click, other people can also send an invitation to like your page to their friends.

You can get this work done by asking some of your relatives or friends. And this will help you to increase likes on your page in a very short time.


Through this article, you have come to know how you can grow Facebook page likes by using your brain and a little effort.

But if even after using all these methods, your likes do not increase, then you can also buy Facebook page likes India. Just for this, you have to go to followerindia.

Followerindia is a website where you can buy followers and likes for a very low price. And this is a guarantee that your account will be safe. You just need to visit and choose the plan that corresponds to your business goal.

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