How To Make Taxi Business Strong With Uber Clone In Covid Pandemic 2022

It’s the onset of the New Year 2022, and the world is ready to take leaps of faith, accumulate wealth, and foster good health. But again, there’s a steady rise in the number of COVID and Omicron cases round the Globe. When the COVID had hit for the first time, the Taxi Business Industry got cripple under its wrath.  As people completely stopped booking Taxi Rides online with the fear of contracting this lethal Air-Borne Virus. But this time of the year, the Pandemic will get a Befitting Reply from the Fully Customizable Uber Clone Application. Let’s ride further to come across Uber Clone’s stack of Corona Related Advanced Features –


Scarlett Jones with her 3 cousins is set to go to Bradford County, Ulster, Pennsylvania to meet her Aunt. She quickly opens the Top Selling Uber like Solution and books a Taxi Ride in Hyundai Tucson 5-Seater. On tapping the ‘Request Now’ button she gets a Safety Essential Message that reads ‘Please note that Total Person Limit for Ride is 2.’  She rightly understands this to be an initiative towards Covid-19 Social Distancing Norm, and asks her cousin Emily to book another Ride from her App.

This is a Beneficial Feature for the Taxi Business Industry as it focuses on the Social Distancing Norms.  The lack of which could give invitation to the Deadly Virus like Corona.


COVID-19 has brought us to a time where breathing in the air is not so safe, and one needs to cover the Face and Mouth with a Mask. Scarlett is confident that she will not contract the deadly Virus as the Uber Clone Taxi Dispatch System requires Samuel Anderson to submit a Selfie with the Mask On before starting with the Ride. He uploads a Photographic Proof on the App and waits for Admin’s Approval. The App Owner login into the Admin Panel using valid credentials and verifies the Face Mask Status of the Taxi Driver. And only after the App Owner gives the Approval Samuel can now Start the Trip.

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Staying in lines with the Safety Measures and adhering to the same can be the Best Privilege in the COVID Times. This Safety Checklist is both for the Rider and the Taxi Driver which they must confirm and adhere to through the complete Ride.

When Scarlett opens the Authentic Taxi App and clicks on the Request Now button.  She’s redirect to the Safety Checklist that reminds her to Wear a Face Mask and Sanitize her Hands. Moreover, as per the Guidelines she opts to Pay via the In-App Wallet, and also knows that she needs to help herself to keep the Luggage Bag in the Car Deck. Hence, completely opting for Contactless and Safe Ride.

On the other hand, as Samuel Anderson accepts the Ride Request of Scarlett, he is also redirected to the Safety Checklist which reminds him to restock the Sanitizer Spray in his Car, and also Disinfect the Car. Then, he covers his Face with a Mask and Sanitizes his Hands before leaving to pick up Scarlett Jones.


As Samuel Anderson arrives at Lackawanna County, Dickson City, Pennsylvania, Scarlett finds out that he has not worn the Mask. As goes on telling that wearing a Mask for a long-time got suffocating for him, and he further refuses to wear the Mask during the Ride. Considering it as the disregard of the Safety Guidelines, Scarlett cancelled the service without having incurred any Cancellation Charges.


This feature encourages more Taxi Rides to be hailed even during tough times like Covid! Scarlett books another ride through The Best Taxi App after reviewing the 5-Star Safety Ratings of David Matthew. His Reviews spoke lengths of the Safety Measures adopted by him like he wears Two Double-Layered Masks, and a Face Shield while Driving. Few of his Reviews read that.  He kept Sanitizer Spray Bottles in his Car, has a Neat and Clean Car Interior, and that he Sanitizes the Seat in the presence of the Rider himself, before every Ride.

When there are plenty of such Covid-Specific Features under a single Authentic Taxi App that helps keep the Community Safe, it is meant to be a Big Hit even amidst the Risks of Pandemic.


So, now you know how to employ Uber Clone App Development to bolster your Taxi Ride Business even in the rise of the COVID Pandemic 2022! Right!? This New Year if the Pandemic knocks about, knock it back harder with this Taxi Booking App that’s decked with Covid-Specific Ultra-Modern Features. Do you have that Entrepreneurial Gene in you? If yes then get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute Today!!


Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of cubetaxi.com, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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