How To Optimize The Contact Center Quality Assurance

Contact centers are one of the most important touchpoints between the companies and their customers. Responding to the customers immediately and providing them the right resolution for their issues builds better customer loyalty and ultimately results in increasing revenues. Customer-friendly interactions are essential for superior customer engagement and help to create an excellent customer experience.


To make sure that contact centers maintain the quality of their service delivery and operational excellence ceaselessly, the continuous quality assessment and monitoring of the call centers are essential. In addition to that, the call center quality assurance schemes with the right benchmarks and KPIs must be implemented. Also, to ensure the optimum performance of the contact center and to monitor and assess its current operation your contact center needs the right contact center quality assurance software.

 What is Quality Assurance?

Contact center quality assurance is the process through which it has been ensured that the contact centers perform according to the established standards and the quality of the customer service is sustained throughout the operation. This involves measuring and monitoring the actionable contact center metrics. Some important contact center metrics that are generally used in the industry are as follows:


  • Average speed of Answering (ASA)
  • First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Average Handling Time (AHT)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Average After Call Work (ACW)
  • Blocked Calls (BC)


How To Improve Call Center Quality Assurance 

There are several ways to improve the call center quality assurance and monitoring process. Sometimes the instances that affect the contact center service are technical, while in other cases it is just the human aspects that simply bog down customer service and operation.

Here are some effective actions that can improve contact center quality assurance:

 Establish the standard

It is important to set the standards and let the agents know what is expected of them. Establish the benchmarking and inform the agents of the KPIs and metrics that are being used for measuring their performance. Contact center quality assurance software can aid greatly in such an endeavor.

Implement agent training

Identify the coaching opportunities and training needs from the available quality assessment data and analytics. Design targeted coaching and training plans for more effective results. Again the analytics and insights from contact center quality assurance software or a platform can significantly help such initiatives.

Monitoring Interactions and auditing calls

Auditing the calls and customer-agent interaction is an absolute imperative for improving the quality of the customer service and overall customer experience of the contact enter operation. Many contact center quality assessments and monitoring solutions now offer hundred percent call auditing facilities. Powered with technologies like AI, these call center QA software can even identify and measure customer moods and sentiments during their interactions with agents.


QA analysts can choose the sample calls from the database of the software. Determine and implement the metrics that are important for the specific processes. The sample should be of diverse nature and include different time slots, agents, subject matter, etc. Furthermore, It should ideally be large enough to represent the entire call center operation. For more accurate and inclusive results, you can collect other metrics and KPIs through surveys, manual methods, other contact center software, or quality monitoring and assessment solutions.

Learning from the successful calls

Let the agents listen to the good calls as an example and let them learn from them. The agents can understand what a model behavior is during a call. Therefore, they can follow the example of a successful call and use it in real situations like how to manage an irate customer. Through these examples, agents can learn to identify the emotional factors that can impact an interaction.

 Awarding for good performance 

Share the feedback with agents. Reward the good performance as well as make them aware of the areas where they need improvement. Finally, always motivate agents to perform better.

Contact center quality assurance software now offers organizations to customize the scorecards with the process and operation-specific KPIs and KRAs. QA analyst can register their feedback through these scorecards. The outcomes through these scorecards will help to better measure the agent’s performance, revealing the strength, weaknesses, and hidden patterns of the entire operation to the managers, TLs, and coaching professionals.

Real-time Monitoring

Dashboards with KPIs and KRAs in the call center quality assessment and monitoring solution show the real-time performance of agents. Not only does it highlights the mistakes and areas that need immediate attention from the management, but this offers them to intervene in real-time and correct the mistakes or resolve issues with agent performance.


The augmented customer service and delivering a delightful customer experience are impossible without maintaining the consistent quality of the performance. So, it is crucial for organizations to be constantly vigilant about the quality of the customer services they offer through their contact centers. So, improving the quality monitoring and assurance practices will also improve the performance of the agents, enabling them to offer enhanced services for satisfying the customers.

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