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How to Properly maintain a Misting Systems

Misting systems are just like other electrical equipment so to make their life long you should maintain them properly. This guide is for all types of misting systems, like industrial, outdoor fog machines, and many others. So, First of all, I think so we need to talk about why should we do it.


  • Because it will help your misting system to work at its best. It will help improve its performance.
  • It will help him in the long term game means it will make his life long-lasting and save you some good money.
  • Most of the above, one of the reasons for which you bought these misting systems. It makes your misting system hygienic and helps you fight diseases.


So, you maintain your misting system these are things you should always have in your mind.

  1. Clean Nozzles
  2. Look out for any leaks
  3. Maintain your filter
  4. Clean your pump


Clean Nozzles:


So, the First task is pretty easy you don’t need any technical person for it you can do it yourself.

You can start it by doing cleaning with a clean rug but if you think no it’s not properly cleaned. You can take a mineral solution from the hardware store and take about ½ cup or maybe 2 and soak nozzles in them and wash them after. It will clean it properly and it’s necessary because it will maintain your mist quality.


Look out for any leaks:


Leaks are like pests in wood you should always look for them it will destroy your machine. It mostly happens after 500 to 1500 working hours depending on your mist system model and everything. But I recommend checking it during every oil change for every type of leak. Like in your rubber seal which helps maintain piston pressure and everything else.


Maintain your filter:


Think which most of the people ignore they are like forget about it it’s no biggie is to maintain your filter. It’s one of the most important things to do because if the filter gets too dirty it blocks all the water flow of your misting system and after all the problems in the world start. Like your misting will make start make noise, quality of mist gets and all so Simply check it every month and replace it.

To do it: 

  • Close your system water supply
  • Seal intel water supply to the system
  • Remove the filter by simply pushing the Red button Right above the filter.
  • Move it clockwise with help of a wrench or something.
  • Remove all the dirt from the filter cartridge and replace the filter.
  • Remove the O Ring from the filter and apply lubricant and fit it back in the system and be careful to check it twice if it fit properly.


Pump Maintenance :


The pump is the most important part of your Misting system So you should maintain it properly. About after working every 500 working hours, your pump needs an oil exchange depending on your misting system. But I Recommend that you should do it after 400 or maybe after 450, it will help your machine performance. New modern designs have really great features for an oil change.


To do it:


  • Place a clean pan under the pump.
  • Tale off the drain plug with help of a wrench, it may be at the bottom or side of the system.
  • Then left it to completely drain all the oil and then Change the oil completely.
  • Clean if there is any dirt in a fill cap and then put it back.


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