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How to Select the Best Refrigerator for Your Home?

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Whether you live in a nuclear or a joint family, you will always require a refrigerator. However, determining which one is best for you is difficult. There are several factors to consider, including size, door type, energy efficiency, brand, and pricing. Here’s a refrigerator purchasing guide to help you select the best refrigerator for your home.

The size and capacity

Before buying a refrigerator, make sure you understand what size will fit in your kitchen. The size of a fridge depends on your requirements for storing food. A 190L fridge is helpful for larger families. A double-door fridge could be the best in such cases. However, if you live alone, a mini-fridge would suit you more.

The price range

Price is an obvious and a significant consideration when purchasing a new refrigerator. Begin by estimating how much money you wish to spend. A simple single-door fridge can cost between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000, whereas side-by-side models can cost more than Rs 65,000. As this is a long-term investment, your budget should reflect it.

Look for door styles

Once you’ve determined the size of your kitchen and the location for the fridge, it’s time to select the right fridge door design. Refrigerators are classified into six types: double door, single door, mini, side-by-side, triple door, and French door.

Single door: This door design is ideal for a nuclear family. These refrigerators have a single door that serves as the fridge and the freezer. They are smaller and have a capacity ranging from 165 to 280 liters. In addition, single-door refrigerators feature a restricted number of shelves due to their tiny size. In terms of cooling systems, most single-door freezers contain a manual defrosting freezer, which requires you to press a button to defrost the ice manually. You can find single door refrigerators online between a price range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.

Double door: It is the most common form of refrigerator, with the freezer located above the primary fresh-food storage section. A double-door refrigerator offers additional storage space and is thus intended for four-person families. Double-door refrigerators typically have capacities ranging from 235 to 415 liters. In addition, double-door refrigerators are frost-free, unlike single-door refrigerators. This technique uses electric fans to distribute chilled air evenly throughout the refrigerator. Double-door refrigerators range in price from Rs 20,000 to Rs 45,000.

Bottom freezer: While the bottom-freezer design is yet to catch on with Indian customers, certain companies offer double-door fridges with the freezer on the bottom. The main advantage of refrigerators with a bottom-mounted freezer is a somewhat larger deep freezer. Another benefit of bottom coolers is their ease of use. Most individuals utilize the primary fresh food storage space more regularly, whereas the freezer unit is used less frequently. In addition, your refrigerator will be at eye level with a bottom freezer. This makes it easy to find widely used things like veggies, milk, and other essential items. Bottom freezer refrigerators range in price from Rs 23,000 to Rs 50,000.

Side-by-side refrigerators are divided in half, with the freezer on the left and the fridge on the right. They are not, however, inexpensive. The price ranges from Rs 65,000 and Rs 2,67,100. The side-by-side refrigerator layout allows you to store food at eye level in both the fridge and freezer, eliminating the need to reach or lean over. Side-by-side refrigerators are large and have many changeable deep shelves and bins. They are large, with adequate space for a family of six or seven. The capacity of most side-by-side refrigerators ranges from 531 to 700 liters. One of the most significant drawbacks of a side-by-side fridge is its size.

Many brands provide a variety of refrigerators with varying capacities to properly fit your needs. In addition, you can buy refrigerators online with the most excellent features and the most up-to-date technology from the convenience of your own home.

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