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How to stay fit on cruise for the entire time of your trip?

Are you all geared for going on a cruise trip? We are also pretty sure that you have well-prepared for the trip by bringing your travel kit first aid along with other essentials for cruise to stay on the safe side. You have cleverly laid a well-thought plan for your trip, superb!

But it is not enough if you are a fitness freak and missing on your daily routine to hit the gym or missing your diet plan. Don’t worry we are here to help you out. You will stay healthy and also go back to your home in better shape after the trip is over.


Besides that, you don’t have to rely on just your  travel first aid kit or gym to stay healthy on the ship. There are different other ways to burn your calories.

Are you ready?

To remain fit on the ship, you have to take part in some fun activities that will secretly help you in burning your calories:-

Jogging on the deck in the morning

Jogging on the deck while listening to your favorite music is one of the best ways to beat the crap out of all the calories and fat that is taking a toll on your health.

Hire a personal trainer for your daily workout

Most of the cruise liners have highly qualified personal trainers and you can hire or approach any one of them who can help you with your workout goals and also assist you in achieving them.

A few sessions with your male or female trainer are more effective than dozens of gym visits.

Yoga is your natural workout

Not just gyms and personal trainers, you can also go for yoga. Go for it, if you want to work out on your body, mind & soul and get better results.

Taking regular yoga classes on the cruise will be perfect for building your strength, flexibility, and muscle tone. Besides that, it will take a lifetime to master all the tricks of yoga.

Swimming in the sea

Don’t think or dismiss swimming in the sea as a mere fun activity. It is a lot more than that. Select the shore excursion of your choice with good & safe swimming beaches.

Some of the beautiful and warm sea beaches around the world for a perfect water workout. You can also go snorkeling too if you like.

By kicking and exploring while snorkeling or swimming, you are burning around 250 to 300 calories an hour. Amazing isn’t it? You will not be able to lose calories like that even by running on a treadmill.

Ditch the elevator and take the stairs

On a cruise, you can lose calories without even exercising. How?

You can just ditch the elevator on the cruise and use the staircase for most of the time on the cruise. It is a great cardio workout especially when you are traveling on a cruise ship with 16 decks.

Using the staircase regularly will burn the calories in your thighs faster. Make it a habit and you will see the wonder yourself.

Wear an activity tracker & set a goal

If your goal is to burn calories faster then you should wear an activity tracker. It will help you in monitoring your activity and also track the calories burned for the day.

In this way, with each workout, you can burn more and more calories and reach your defined or set goal on time. You can also set the tracker for walking too. Even walking also helps a lot in burning calories.

Go for something new such as trying a spin class

Going for a spin class is a fantastic way to stay in shape while also enjoying your cruise tour. This energetic workout is a new way to burn out your calories.

You just have to immerse yourself in the music by pumping your legs and tapping into the energy of your group. For trying this kind of workout, you need to have a high-tech stationary bike that is available on the cruise-based gym.

Enquire more about this spin class and look if it is available on the cruise ship you have selected for the trip.

Workout on your abs in your stateroom

Working out on your abs is also one of the best ways to reduce the fat from your body, especially your stomach.

Do some crunches or any other forms of stomach-based exercise that might help you get your abs back?

Go for it and you will be able to impress your wife, partner, or girlfriend once again.

You can do that in your stateroom if you don’t like going to the gym for this particular workout. You can also ask your family member to help you out.

Go hiking during your port stops

In some of your ports of call, you will be required to explore the surrounding on your foot. If that happens then go for it.

Hiking is one of the best ways to burn your calories rapidly. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for Alaska’s hiking trails or hiking any other mountain on earth.

You will get the chance to hike a mountain top while exploring nature and having fun together. You won’t even notice that by hiking constantly you are losing your fat and calories.


Going on a cycling tour during a port stopover

During a cruise port stopover, you can also go for a cycling tour. It is a great way to explore a new city and also burn calories.

During many port stopovers, you can explore through the parks of Helsinki, or touring the medieval city of Lucca in Florence on the bike will be wonderful.

Beyond burning calories, bike riding activity can be one of the best things to do on a cruise ship for you. You just don’t know how well you can stay in shape by taking part in all such activities.

Taking part in kayaking with your partner

Going Kayaking is the most wonderful and most exciting water sport. There are many rivers around the world where you enjoy kayaking while exploring the beauty all around you.

Through kayaking, you will be able to burn the calories of your upper body as it is a great upper body workout. Besides that, it is also a peaceful way to connect with nature too.

There are many places around the world where you can go Kayaking such as Dubrovnik, Bermuda, and Fort Lovrijenac.

All you can do this during your cruise trip. If you want to stay fit and stay healthy during your cruise journey, then don’t forget to carry your travel first aid kit, before packing  essentials for a cruise.

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