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How to stop my vape from burning my throat | 88 vape e liquid

DO you know what dry hit and burn hit? If you have no idea about these things and want to know how they impact your vaping, navigate through the blog.

So you bought an exceptional vape device and amazing e-liquid flavours, and now you are ready to vape 88 vape e-liquid? But wait a minute! Did someone inform you about the throat hit? DO you know what dry hit and burn hit? If you have no idea about these things and want to know how they impact your vaping, navigate through the blog.


If you have purchased a simple aroma king disposable device, chances are it will not give you a severe throat hit and runs smoothly. However, if you have chosen an advanced vape device, you may encounter dry or harsh throat hits if you are unfamiliar with its functionality.

 Throat Burn vs Harsh Throat Hit:

When switching from smoking to vaping, many vapers choose devices that give them a strong throat hit. A strong throat hit simulates the sensation of smoking and helps smokers combat their smoking patterns. However, a novice vaper who has never smoked in their life might find this harsh throat hit a little overwhelming.

➔   Harsh Throat Hit:

Smokers like the harsh throat hit as it imitates the smoking sensation. Many disposable vape devices like elux flavours contain high PG and freebase nicotine e-liquid like 88 vape e liquid so that smokers can effectively quit smoking. The throat hit is normal, and it has no such impact on your health.

➔   Throat Burn:

When you take a puff from your vaping device with no e-liquid to vaporise, you will experience a very uncomfortable and nasty hit at the back of your throat akin to a burning sensation.

Reasons Behind Throat Burn:

There could be many reasons why vapers experience a burnt hit. Some of them are mentioned below. If you have just stepped into the vaping industry and you want to learn more about burning and dry hits and how to prevent them, kindly keep on reading the blog.

➔   Burn Hit and How to Avoid Hit:

A burn hit occurs when you overstuff your coil with cotton. The wick inside the vape coil is made of cotton and it requires proper saturation before you draw a puff. When you overstuff your coil with wick, it cannot saturate the e-liquid properly hence resulting in burning hits.


Furthermore, when you vape frequently, the wick dries out quickly, and you start experiencing burn hits. Additionally, you’ll get burn hits when there is no e-liquid inside the tank and you just keep drawing the puffs.

Follow These Steps to Get Rid Of Throat Burn:

To prevent burn hits, consider purchasing a disposable vape device. However, if you want to enhance your vaping skills and want to know how to prevent burn hits, follow these guidelines:

  1. Always prime your coil appropriately before vaping.


  1. When you prime the coil, let it rest for 5 minutes, this will help the wicks to soak the e-liquid correctly.


  1. Try using the Ideal VG/PG ratio. You may receive a strong throat hit if you use high ratio PG in your vape device. Therefore, it is recommended to use 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids. It’s the perfect ratio.


  1. Use nic-salt e-liquids. Free-base nicotine may help smokers, but it may be not suitable for beginner vapers as it is a little harsh on the throat. Nic-salt gives a smoother throat hit and absorbs your body more swiftly.

If you are in a relationship with a person who is a vaper, you can give him a vape as a gift. For any vaper, nothing is essential but vape. So, if you want to give him a pleasant surprise, you should give him a vape as a gift.  


There are different types of vapes available. Of those vapes, some are reusable, and some are disposable vapes. You must be aware of your partner’s choice to give him a vape as a gift. If you want to keep him happy, you need to know about his choice in vaping.

 According to the research, Vapin is 95% safer than smoking. Vaping has been internationally declared the best alternative to smoking. It’s a suggestion for smokers that they need to start vaping if they really want to quit smoking. Vaping is very helpful in quitting smoking.

Disposable Vape As a gift:

If vaping is new to your boyfriend, you should give him a disposable vape as a gift. These vapes are good for beginners. There is no maintenance required in these vapes. You don’t need to charge them because the batteries in these vapes are non-rechargeable.


 Disposable vapes are very easy to use and have no complexities. If we talk about e-liquid we can see that these vaping devices are prefilled. These vapes are not highly costly, and you can afford to buy them. 

Nic Salt Juice Packs: 

There is another great gift idea. If you have someone special in your life who likes vaping, you can give him a Nic Salt Juice as a gift. But you need to know the favourite flavour of that person. Flavour in the vapes is the main thing. You can find hundreds of flavours but you just need to be aware of your partner’s favourite flavour. 

Extra Batteries and Chargers:

If your partner uses rechargeable devices, you can gift him a charger and extra batteries. Many devices are rechargeable, and you can charge their batteries. Extra batteries and chargers would be an excellent gift for any vaper.


If someone uses a rechargeable device, the extra battery and charger could be a massive demand for that person. If someone travels and the device’s battery is ended, he or she can replace that battery with the new one, but it could be possible in replaceable devices. The other important thing is the charger. If your device’s battery is not charged, you can’t vape. So, the charger is the need for any vaper. So, the extra batteries and chargers could be the best gifts for your partner. 

 Starter Kit or Bundle:

The term “Starter Kit or Bundle” is kind of confusing, but it’s very simple to understand. Kit or bundle is basically a whole vape basket. You can give this basket as a gift to someone special. A functioning vape and some accessories could be present in this basket. In those accessories, a spare coil is included. So, you can give this kit or bundle as a gift to your partner or friend.

Under 18 Law for the Use of Vape:

To buy e-cigarettes or e-liquids in the UK, you must be at least 18 years old. Following the passage of this Act, it became effective on October 1, 2015.


This covers vape devices, coils, atomisers, vape juice, and heated tobacco products, among other things. Adults are also prohibited from purchasing or attempting to purchase tobacco or vaping items for anybody under the age of 18.


Even disposable vapes with minimal nicotine content are not allowed before the mentioned age. Therefore, buying and selling vape devices are restricted in any aspect that involves anyone under 18.

Age Slot for Vaping and Smoking:

The legal age to purchase both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes in the UK is the same, you must be over 18 years of age for both products. Despite the age for using vapes and smoking cigarettes being the same, it also depends on the state and what rules it implements for its community or public.


While there are various vaping age restrictions around the world, the age limit for vaping in the UK corresponds to that of most other European countries; the legal age in many countries such as Germany, Sweden, France, and Spain is 18.


However, Belgium has an exception to this law here, as it is acceptable to vape nicotine-free vapes from the age of 16. Still, the legal age to vape without nicotine in the UK is eighteen. Notably, even though vapes also come with nicotine-free e-liquid, mostly disposable vapes contain nicotine content.


According to UK law, you become an adult at the age of 18. If you are an adult and choose to vape and purchase equipment for yourself, you will be able to do this unquestioned. Most of the vapes contain nicotine content that being the top reason for vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, an age restriction is set to ensure that underage people don’t do it.


Regardless of the vapes have less harmful effects than cigarettes they are still detrimental to health. Therefore, you are advised not to vape before reaching the legal age for it and also if you’re off or above the permitted age, keep vaping to a minimum around anyone under the age of 18.


Notably, even those working in the vaping industry are not permitted to use any form of vaping, including disposable vapes as well as reusables in the presence of underage individuals.

Summing Up:

It would be better for you to pick a disposable vape device if you are not familiar with the 88 vape e liquid technicalities. However, you can prevent throat burn by replacing your gunky coils timely. Also, ensure that you pick your e-juices from authentic vape brands. Moreover, priming plays a key role in vaping, so always prime your coil before using your device.

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