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How to Transfer emails from MBOX file to Outlook?

The entire article explains how to Transfer emails from MBOX file to Outlook on Windows operating systems. Nowadays, most of the users prefer Outlook email client.

As a result, we have decided to present the entire procedure to save .mbox file emails in Windows Outlook. First and foremost, we must comprehend the significance of migrating MBOX messages to Outlook.

The Benefits of Importing MBOX to Outlook

We are unable to directly access MBOX files in Microsoft Outlook. We must now transfer the MBOX files into the Outlook-compatible file format. MBOX files can be transferred to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 in a variety of ways. This includes the following:

  • MBOX files only store email in the proper format. MS Outlook mailboxes, on the other hand, store emails, address books, journals, events, calendars, and so on.
  • Mailbox data in PST is organised into components such as emails, attachments, address books, events, appointments, notes, and so on.
  • We do not use the internet to access the downloaded emails, and we can work offline with Outlook because it does not require network connectivity to start.
Does Outlook support MBOX?

No, MBOX files are not supported by Outlook. To open an MBOX file in Outlook, you must first transfer it to an Outlook-compatible format. Alternatively, you can manually transfer data to Outlook in a supported format using a medium.

Method 1: Manually Export MBOX to Outlook

There are three steps to manually exporting MBOX to Outlook:

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Step 1: Set up a Gmail account and configure it in Outlook.

1. Provide your Gmail account credentials, which will serve as a mediator in both files.
2. Open and launch Mozilla Thunderbird email client, then click Mail >> Preferences.
3. Select the Accounts tab in the current wizard to add a new mail account.
4. In the Thunderbird programme, select the + icon and then add your Gmail account.
5. From the service provider window, select Google and then click the Continue button.
6. Enter your Gmail address and then click the Next button.
7. Enter the credentials for the associated Gmail account and click Next.
8. Select the mailbox that must be used in both the Gmail account and Thunderbird, and then click the Done button.
9. In the Account screen, add the Gmail account listed on the left side of the screen.
10. Close the current window and re-enter your Thunderbird password.
11. After successfully adding a Gmail account to the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, click the right mouse button and select the mailbox of the configured Gmail account, then click the New-Mailbox option.
12. Then press the OK button.

Step 2: Transfer MBOX files to your Mozilla Thunderbird account.

Follow the steps below to open your MBOX file.

  1. Right-click on Local Folders in Thunderbird and select Settings.
  2. Copy the Local Directory path and navigate to it on your computer.
  3. Copies the MBOX file(s) to this directory.
  4. Relaunch Mozilla Thunderbird.
  5. The MBOX folder will be accessible from the Local Folders section.
  6. Select all messages to be opened in MS Outlook.
  7. Select the messages to be exported by pressing the right mouse button.
  8. Choose Move to if we don’t need to save the mail copies in Mozilla Thunderbird. Alternatively, select the Copy To option and copy the emails from the MBOX folder to the Gmail folder.
  9. Keep track of live messages that are copied and, once completed, easily view the details of copied MBOX messages.

Step 3: Sync the mailbox with Outlook.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Choose Outlook >> Preferences.
  3. Now Choose Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  4. A wizard appears in front of you. Select mail by clicking the (+) icon.
  5. Enter the login account and password from your Mozilla Thunderbird mail account and click Add Account.
  6. Once the account is added to Outlook, all MBOX messages will be displayed here.

Method 2. Automated Way to Transfer emails from MBOX to Outlook

Firstly you must know that in order to open MBOX emails into Outlook you should convert MBOX to PST format. As we already know Outlook imports a .pst file in its interface not .mbox.

Are you getting tired of following the manual procedure because it’s so long and time-consuming? As a result, we propose an automated solution, MBOX Converter. The tool has a few wonderful features that captivate users, such as the Conversion of email items from the desired folders, which makes it unique in the market.

Wrapping Up!!

It is clear from the preceding article how to Transfer emails from MBOX file to Outlook. There is a clear method by which users can complete the process completely. Users can also use a third-party application.

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