How to Use WhatsApp Links to Grow Your Business

WhatsApp has a huge user base. With over five billion downloads and two billion active users, it is the most popular messaging app on the planet. 

Clearly, corporations are vying for the attention of this massive audience. However, it’s not as simple as you might think after all, WhatsApp doesn’t now display adverts, and its encrypted messaging system means targeting is already constrained. 

Innovative businesses have been figuring out how to use WhatsApp to reach out to customers. Customer service, one-on-one discussions, and even unusual marketing initiatives have all benefited from the messaging app. 

Despite these constraints, several businesses are unsure if establishing a WhatsApp presence is worth their time and money. We’ve got some bad news for them: it is.

Why should your business utilize WhatsApp? 

The sheer scale of WhatsApp’s audience appeals to marketers right away. This is especially true if your company operates in countries like Brazil or India, which have 108 million and 390 million active users, respectively. With 75 million active users, the United States ranks third. 

There are three key reasons why businesses should seriously consider creating a presence on WhatsApp, aside from the sheer size of its user base. 

First and foremost, WhatsApp is a valuable customer service tool. It allows community managers to interact with customers quickly and simply on a platform that is familiar to them. It’s also costless for businesses.

Second, WhatsApp is a digital communication route that is underappreciated. WhatsApp Status has a daily active user base of approximately 500 million people. Customers can be messaged in groups of up to 256 people at once, while 1:1 communications can boost brand loyalty by building relationships with consumers. 

Third, many firms underestimate the power of WhatsApp marketing. Marketers may utilize a variety of techniques and features to maximize revenue and conversions, from delivering paid notifications to directly texting leads. 

We’ll get into how to utilize WhatsApp for businesses in a minute, but first, let’s clarify how small and medium businesses may use WhatsApp versus how larger enterprises can benefit from its features.

What are the characteristics of WhatsApp Business? 

From business profiles to automatic away messages, WhatsApp Business has a lot to offer. 

  • Business Profile: You can establish a publicly viewable profile for your business that includes information such as your email address, location, description, URL, hours, logo, and more. 
  • Whatsapp Business Statistics: Basic analytics data regarding your account activities, such as the amount of messages sent, delivered, read, and received, are available in WhatsApp Business Statistics. 
  • Labels: To keep active chats with clients organized, you can apply custom color-coded labels. 
  • Greetings: For clients that initiate discussions with your company, you can set up a default welcoming message.
  • Away messages: When you’re not online, you can schedule messages to be sent to consumers. 
  • Quick responses are as follows: By inputting short commands beginning with “/,” you can save frequently-used responses to transmit fast. If you save a short reply providing clients your address, for example, you could input “/address” to send a pre-written message like “Thanks for inquiring!”. 123 Main Street is our address.” 

Small businesses will benefit from the WhatsApp Business app. It makes company information more accessible to clients and aids in the categorization of active chats. It also contains auto-responder features and adequate response templates to handle a smaller customer base.

How to Use a WhatsApp Business Link 

You may use WhatsApp link Malaysia to promote your business in a variety of ways. The program is primarily used for conversation and sharing, and this is the foundation for making the most of WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is a useful app to have in your arsenal. You can make your workflow more visible, automate communication, and keep it structured. 

You won’t have to spend money on new software because the app is free to use and manage. Let’s look at some alternative methods to leverage WhatsApp as a business asset.

1. Increase the visibility of your company. 

WhatsApp, like Facebook, allows businesses to create a Business page on the app. Customers will be able to find vital information on your profile, such as your location, description, website, and contact information. A catalog can also be added to WhatsApp. The catalog function allows you to mass upload your products so that users may browse them through the app. Customers may easily obtain a sense of what they can buy from your company with this application. Having a company profile on Facebook boosts the number of potential clients who can engage with your firm through the app.

Let’s imagine your customers want to know what your company has to offer but don’t want to Google it. They’ll be able to access your offerings if your catalog is put up properly before their focus is diverted to something else. 

To entice your audience members, you might utilize catalogs to display a new product line or feature your most popular products.

2. Reduce the time it takes for a response. 

Customers can immediately engage with you when you use WhatsApp Business. You may also use a chatbot to automate messages so that your audience can get answers to their questions promptly. 

Keep in mind how you can save a few quick responses for your clients. This interactive “FAQ” eliminates the need to enter or copy and paste answers to frequently asked queries. 

Consider making a content offer with timely responses. For example, you may enquire about your new offerings in your welcome message “Thank you for visiting! Do you want to be the first to hear about our new sale? “), and give a short response with a link to your catalog, another page, or a promotion.

3. Make a list of your responsibilities. 

WhatsApp has a number of organizational features. To begin, you can use their label system to categorize your contacts. Alternatively, if you utilize a CRM with WhatsApp integration. 

You won’t have to manually add contacts to your WhatsApp account if you can integrate WhatsApp with your CRM. Both platforms will collaborate to input contact information into your company’s dashboard. 

Additionally, if you want to save the conversations you have with consumers, integration allows you to do so. This will assist you in keeping track of your consumers as well as the relationships you develop with them.

Wrap Up

Overall, brands should expect a lot of new customer service and marketing opportunities on WhatsApp in the next few years. Facebook clearly wants to monetize the platform and integrate it into its product ecosystem as seamlessly as possible. 

Consider how you may improve your customer service, incorporate some innovative marketing strategies, and whether you need a third-party solution if you’re currently on WhatsApp. And if you haven’t yet joined WhatsApp, this appears to be the best moment to do so.

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