ICR Software: How Advanced is it from the OCR?

ICR technology which is fully know as Intelligent Character Recognition is an advance technological form of the OCR software (Optical Character Recognition). The software technology is design to focus on the hand write style of characters. However, the technology enables the option of using other styles of writing and fonts that can be complex as well as simple. There is flexibility in the system that makes it an attractive opportunity to be use in organizations. 

How do the AI and ML Algorithms Improve ICR Technology?

Intelligent Character Recognition has the ability to perceive new styles of writing because the artificial intelligence networks and machine learning algorithms help the software upgrade itself. This kind of upgrade is important to survive in the competitive world. It also reduces the chances of errors. In-depth means that the different types of documents entered into the system helped it to grow bit by bit.
This elevate the level of accuracy every time. Artificial intelligence networks also use the data to make predictions and run deep analyses for better organization and efficiency in the future. 

In this way, the ICR recognition or icr software services are provided to bring quickness and efficiency to the working process. This is important to minimize errors from handwritten records. It is because the high level of mistakes puts a revenue cost on the company. 

What Is The Working Mechanism Of The ICR reader Technology?

The ICR technology when need to be use is fully integrate with the system. And it takes the input from the give documents. The input is done in the form of scanning of desire information. The ICR technology can be use in different settings and in multiple organizations. For the sake of proper understanding, let’s take the example of the usage in banks. 

  • The user is require to upload their data using the web camera. The software will scan the give documents and extract the desire information. The extract information depends upon the need of the clients. For example, it can be the full name of the uploader or their address information.
  • In some cases, it can also be the case that hand write consent is require to move forward in processing the data. At this point, it is really important that genuine consent is provide and the uploader should refrain from fabrication. 
  • After collecting the information. The data is thoroughly verify and the obtain results are share with the customer.
  • As clients can see that the process is automatic. And it eliminates the need for manual work. This also enhances the efficiency in the process and reduces inefficiency. Which can be costly for the organization. One should not forget that this kind of privilege also enables. The companies to invest in predictive models so that they can derive useful conclusions from the data. And make appropriate decisions. Document verification service is also used for this purpose. And many companies use this service to verify documents.

How Can The ICR Algorithm Software Be Apply Effectively In The Corporate Sector?

The ICR software is not a 21st-century work. But it was successfully develop in the early 20th century. The creator was Joseph Corcoran. His objective was to bring automation to the working process. Even in at that time, the processing steps were three in number. There was automaticity and reliability still. 

Over the passage of time, the creation was successful in bringing development to the real world. Nowadays, the contemporary business world uses the services to provide a positive experience to their customers which results in an enhanced company image. If customers compare the present scenario with the previous ones, it can be easily observe that the working style was really complex and there was a high chance of errors which reduce the work quality eventually.
It was really hard to extract data from both structured and unstructured style of documents. Nevertheless, the latest technology brought automation to the information extraction process. There are multiple applications of the technology but some of them are below:

  • The digital authentication system verifies the identity of the clients and the system is mostly use in banks and financial companies. 
  • There is also the certification of handwritten consent going on. 
  • The ICR software technology has automated the process which has eliminated the requirement of offline data entry at the corporate level. 


ICR systems that include artificial intelligence and machine learning improve their ability to recognise both structured and unstructured types of alphabetic and cursive handwriting over time.

As a result, the Intelligent Character Recognition system has been widely utilised in a variety of platforms and new technologies for optimising workplace operations, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and OMR.

Because it complements their job design, ICR software is a good consolidation for electronic archiving (e-archiving or EDMS) and document management software (DMS).
ICR has its own evolved form called IWR, just as OCR is fundamentally an extended version of ICR.

Unlike standard ICR, which works from printed character recognition to hand-written text identification, IWR stands for Intelligent Word Recognition, which can recognise complete words or phrases.


The use of ICR technology worldwide is expect and it is highly likely to bring benefits to the users. After comparing the OCR and ICR technology, it can be observe that OCR software is cheaper than the ICR ones. It is because they use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that make the software upgrade itself with each new entry. Another big advantage of software technology is that it eliminates the need for manual effort. Hence, it reduces the need for a candidate and raises accuracy and productivity levels. 

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