Identifying Twelve Common Website Redesign Mistakes & Avoiding Them

Website redesign is, updating the look and feel of a website to make it more user-friendly, functional, or both. It is also called a site redesign or a website upgrade. Any web design agency Dubai will provide this service. They are highly trained professionals who are excellent at their job.

A website redesign can be an on going process so it may take time. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to redesigning a site. Redesigning depends on the goals and objectives of the website and how one wants it to function for the users.

A website redesign can also refer to a one-time project that involves significant changes to the appearance and content of the site. In this case, the term “re-launch” is used instead of “redesign”.

There are two reasons to do a website redesign:

  • The company wants its site to look more current with design trends and technologies.
  • The company wants its site to function better for users.

For example, if someone wants to sell a product on the internet, he may want to hire someone who does eCommerce Website Development Dubai.

Why Website Designers Make Mistakes?

Redesigning a website is tedious and lengthy. No matter how big or small a website is, it must avoid a particular set of mistakes. Unfortunately, these gaps are easy to fall into and often overlooked by designers and content providers.

12 Common Errors That Designers Do

The designs need to have aesthetic value and serve a purpose. In addition, they have to work in compliance with one another. The common mistakes include:

Getting a Filler Design

One could make a mistake by getting a Filler design. It will take away from the message and confuse the viewer. A great alternative is to hire a professional designer who can create something that will look great and fit your brand image.

Ignoring User Research and Feedback

User research is an essential component of the design process. It helps designers understand how to use the product or service and what users expect. It also helps them identify potential problems or issues that may arise when the product or service is used and then take steps to address these. Ignoring user feedback after a product launch can lead to a decline in sales and potentially even a loss of customers. They are not getting what they want from the product resulting in negative reviews online.

Misinformation and or Irrelevant Content

There is a misconception that more content means better value. But it’s not always true. If there’s too much irrelevant content, people will get confused. To avoid this mistake, content providers should focus on what their readers need to know and what they want to know. It is possible by conducting surveys or interviews with the target audience. Another unethical practice that some websites follow is they spread misinformation to add more content and generate traffic. It ruins the credibility of such websites and must stop.

Untested Design Changes

Testing is one of the best ways to see how the design changes affect the conversion rates. If there is a negative effect, then rectifications should be done immediately. One should test out multiple designs and choose the one with the most positive feedback.

Not Planning Ahead Of Time

A mistake that many people make is not planning ahead of time. It leads to frustration, wasted energy and feelings of inadequacy. The key to avoiding this mistake is to plan ahead of time. This way, they can quickly identify the problems and rectify them. They don’t need to spend resources and time on things that are not important at that moment. Experienced professionals who do website designing Dubai perform this practice, and one can rest assured that they’ll deliver on their promise.

Not Doing Enough Research

Research is the key to success. Without it, content providers will not know the audience and won’t have any idea what to write about. They need to know what the audience is interested in and deliver content that will be relevant and interesting to the audience.

Keeping The Website Navigation Simple And Efficient

Navigation is amongst the most overlooked elements of any website. It needs to be as efficient as possible for users to find what they are looking for, whether it’s a product, service or a contact form.

Not Optimised For Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are the most popular device for accessing the internet. There are over 6 billion mobile phones worldwide. The introduction of smartphones in 2009 increased internet surfing drastically. The look and feel of websites are different on a mobile phone than on a PC. Businesses need to optimise their websites for mobile users to meet the needs of consumers and improve conversion rates. For example, if an eCommerce site has a poor design for mobile phone usage, then the client may want to hire an expert who does web design Abu Dhabi.

Using Unappealing and out dated Templates

A website with a dated design will not generate much traffic. A website with a dated design may also miss out on newer features available to the competitors. People have to update the look of their website every two years. It helps to keep the website fresh and appealing to visitors. Designers should monitor the website for errors to fix them before they become too problematic.

Not Optimising the Website for SEO

SEO optimisation is a priority. A search engine can’t find a website if it doesn’t have the right keywords. Keywords should be present in the title, URL, and content. The keywords should also be in the title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags on every page.

The website fails to provide value

The mistake of not providing value is a common one. It is useless when a website fails to provide the visitor with valuable content like information, entertainment, or a service. One needs to know the audience and be decisive about the niche. These parameters are necessary for the website to serve its purpose and perform well.

Failing To Get the Word Out Through Social Media

Social media presence is necessary to get the word out about the website. One can do this through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. The next step is to create content that people want to share. It should be interesting or informative and generate some emotion. This is imperative that the content engages and gets people talking about it on social media channels. It will help generate awareness for the company and the products or services.

Steps to Take After Website Completion.

After completing the website design, there are a few more steps before the launch.

  • One needs to test the site and fix any broken links.
  • Fix design errors (if any).
  • Make sure to add detailed descriptions of all of your products and services. Additional information such as product/service information needs to be checked/added.
  • The final step is to publish the website on a domain name and make it available to the public.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Content writing and website designing are skills that combine technical knowledge and art. It sounds complicated, but given the skill level of the service providers, one gets results that bear rich fruit. It pushes businesses ahead of the competition and puts them on the map. Every business or service provider needs a website; thus, web designers in Dubai are a topic well worth to be looked into.

At Website Design City, we aim to do just that. Our services include website development, SEO optimisation, E-Commerce Solutions, Digital Marketing, etc. So kindly reach out to us, and we will provide you with all your needs regarding your dream website.

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