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IELTS Listening Tips to Overwhelmed from Common Mistakes

Mistakes you made in IELTS Listening Exam

Listening to IELTS when you start the experiment, when you start the experiment you face, listening to IELTS can be difficult, and it can be difficult for you to act with recording speed and with a different accent. Also, in the test, you only hear the recording once! Let’s check out some best IELTS listening tips to overwhelmed from common mistakes.

You cannot turn it back on or listen to it again. This is exactly what makes the exam more difficult and as a result students make common mistakes in listening to IELTS. The following IELTS listening tips will undoubtedly help you to resolve such common mistakes. Also let’s check some top IELTS listening tips mentioned by the best overseas education consultants in India.

IELTS Listening Common Mistakes and Tips

For better understanding, we will divide theses modules in two parts. The first part is ‘IELTS Listening Common Mistakes’ and the second part is ‘The Best IELTS Listening Tips’.

  1. Hearing the Audio Blindly
  2. Avoiding the Use of Prediction Skills
  3. Trailing Your Concentration
  4. Avoiding the Given Instructions
  5. Making Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

IELTS Listening Common Mistakes and Tips Included

  1. Hearing the Audio Blindly

Mistake: One of the most common mistakes made by IELTS student in Listening test does not know the reason or motive in the audio.

Tips: Before you get started, it is highly recommended that you understand the audio content and the information you will receive from it. This will help you to identify the answers in a better and more progressive way. At the same time, you should read the guidelines regularly, look for signs, and specify the audio content that you will be listening to. Additionally, during your IELTS listening test, it is important that you read the questions first; this will help you to easily identify the correct information while listening to the sound.

  1. Avoiding the Use of Prediction Skills

Mistake: During IELTS listening exam a student are so focused on listening the topic that they forget to focus on the clues which contain some information related to exam. Without knowing the clues they cannot predict the information and it might become difficult for candidate to find the answer based on the audio played in the IELTS listening test.

You have to predict some kind of information like-

  • The type of audio you are going to listen to in the present IELTS Listening mission
  • Specific instruction that the question weights you to find

Tips: Note the points or underline the facts that will go to help you in predict the answer. Mark the words that all the answers of your question are hidden in the test recording.

  1. Trailing your Concentration

 Mistake: Another common mistake made by listening to IELTS made by candidates is that they lose interest when they are unable to find an answer. Maybe you really come up with a question that puts you in a dilemma and you can’t get an answer. This may cause you to become distracted and thus, you end up losing your focus.

 Tips: If you are not able to find the answer of current question then you can easily move to the next question without panicking. If you skip one question then it will not lose your more than 1 mark. So, do not worry in the IELTS listening test.

  1. Avoiding the Given Instructions

Mistakes: IELTS Listening Exam all the time starts with a set of information that candidates need to pursue. You must not avoid the information in the Exam.

Tips: Read the information carefully given by the instructor and then answer according to the information. Thus, make certain that you do accurately what the directions ask you to perform.

  1. Making Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

Mistake: Any incorrectly written word will be marked as misspelled on the IELTS Listening. You will also lose points if you misspell the names of places, cities, countries or addresses mentioned in the video. When selecting the answers, grammatical errors are also taken into account.

 Tips: It is very important to focus on such IELTS Listening common mistakes. Read novels and newspapers to get correct English and listen to as many podcasts as possible to understand sentence formation.

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