Increase Your Website Performance With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server UK

Increase Your Website Performance With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server UK

The Performance of a site is very significant. If your site won’t perform well, how are you gonna retain your customer? Website performance makes a lot of sense. A well-performing website ranks higher, it gives the customer a great experience and that increases your site’s credibility. Dedicated Server UK increases your site performance and makes it faster than you think.

But How Dedicated Server enhance Your Site’s performance?

A Dedicated Server comes with powerful resources that support your website to perform well. And it brings secured connection with a more efficient network.

Best Dedicated Server always works efficiently. With thousands of Server providers going with the best one can be better for your website. Serverwala Cloud Data Center brings the Best Dedicated Server UK. They provide a Bare-metal Dedicated Server that supports RAID 10. That enhances your website performance.

How Dedicated Server Will Improve Your Website Presence?

A Dedicated Server is not like Shared Hosting where you don’t have authority over your resources. Here you have full authority on server resources. The resources can be used according to your business plans.

With the Business expansion, your site’s credibility also increases, and traffic on your site will be much higher. Or increment in traffic means your business is growing well.

And handling that traffic is a game-changer. If your website crashes you lose them and if your website is able to give a great experience to your visitor, you may retain them and it all depends on your site. And for that site required support from the server.

Dedicated Server UK handles all the requests of your website, whether it is handling heavy traffic, providing more security, performing well in every situation, or reducing load time. You get rid of all your problems.

A Dedicated Server boosts your site performance and makes it more credible. 

But Why Serverwala’s UK Dedicated Server

Now you understand how Dedicated Server would be the correct choice for your business website. 

But Why Serverwala’s Dedicated Server? 

Since 2015 Serverwala has been working with multiple global companies and have handled 10000+ client requests so they have pretty good experience in providing Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services. 

You can get help from their team of highly experienced and skilled technicians all the time. Their physical Data Center is located in Aberdeen, Bristol, Cardiff, Devon, Essex, London, Manchester. 

What Features Do You Get With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in UK?

These features are included in a Dedicated Server:

  • Unique IP Address

Serverwala provides IPv6 Addresses. Which gives your website its own web address. A Unique IP Address is not shared with anyone which makes it highly secured. Unlike shared hosting, you are not sharing with anyone.

If you require more IPs you can buy them also.

  • Remarkable Security

A secure website will be preferred by users. The user doesn’t like to visit a website that is not secured. Dedicated Server UK comes with firewall protection and it is secured from DDoS attacks. Serverwala took high-security measures that protect your website from malware attacks.

Unsecure Website = No Credibility

Secure Website = Highly Credible

  • Personalized Resources

You have the option to personalize resources. If your website demands high resources like Intel Xeon E5-2620v2, or 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 and if you want to choose Storage and RAM, you can do that also. 

Serverwala brings the best hardware combination so you can choose them as per your website demand.

  • High Bandwidth

High bandwidth means no lag. Websites always suffer because of slow bandwidth and it makes them slow. The website loads slowly or can crash at any time.

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server In UK supports Gbps speed which helps your website to load faster on the internet. 

  • No Downtime

Who likes crashed or down websites? It significantly affects your rankings. With shared Hosting chances of a website down increase a lot. A Dedicated Server provides 99.9% uptime so your website is never down for a minute.

Your website will be accessible 24 hours a day with Serverwala’s uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

  • Additional Services

These are the key features that Serverwala provides with Dedicated Server UK. Apart from this Serverwala also provides you many additional services that help you to host your website more efficiently. And the services are;

  • Serverwala Bare Metal Dedicated Server Support Latest Hardware like RAID5, & RAID 10 so you always get the best hardware RAID.
  • Server clusters can be created using private VLAN subnets
  • Serverwala uses the latest Technology and robust hardware to enhance your website performance.
  • Serverwala’s Dedicated Server UK provides secure networking that increases your security and connects with your server without any external interference. 


A Dedicated Server is becoming the first choice for business. It provides great security, High performance with more reliability. It is very important for businesses who want to control server resources. 

Serverwala offers a Cheap Dedicated Server UK. So that you can get all the benefits at a good price.

Serverwala will provide the best services that you are looking for. And it won’t take long for their expert team to provide you with a solution.

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