Instagram Statistics You Should Know in 2022

Instagram is the most used social media platform. This platform owned by meta is worth millions of dollars. Plus, most people conduct businesses through it as it has millions of members which helps in generating customers. Most professional SMM services advise brands to make Instagram accounts for better reach. Due to the fact that every other person old or young uses Instagram for fun and other purposes. 

Instagram was introduced decades back and ever since it has evolved so much. For example, when Instagram was introduced 12 years back, the business features were not included at first. However, now it has a completely different scenario where people are conducting livelihoods. So, if you are an entrepreneur you need to learn these statistics Instagram has introduced in 2022. 

Instagram is the 9th Most-Searched Phrase on Google

Even though the 9th number still doesn’t compete with the weather and Facebook. However, it is better than most. Plus, it is good for businesses to get access through Instagram. Browsers have bigger screens and it is much easier to navigate through business. 

You can just type and google will directly take you there. Especially when you are having a boring day at work.

Let us give you an insight, the most Googled search phrase on Google is Google! Can you imagine that? 

The Fourth Most Used Social Platform

Isn’t it great that our favourite platform ranks the fourth most used social platform? We know it is because it is just great for business. Imagine someone needs a pair of jeans and they search Instagram, lands on your business. This makes it so much easier to attract customers through web design company in Melbourne platforms. 

Plus, that’s a lot of people looking at you. Instagram is now outperforming TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat in terms of viewership reach, so if you’re looking for the most value for your money in terms of customer reach, Instagram could be a better alternative.

The Second Most Downloaded App in the World

You have to give it to Instagram for still being the second most downloaded app. Our favourite search engine got the second position. 

You probably already guessed that the majority of your Instagram followers accessed your material via their phones, so sit back and enjoy this data that verifies it.

Gen Z’s Favourite Platform 

It is the most loved platform for ages 16 to 24. It is ranked even above TikTok. Now it may be because of the reels and aesthetics. But it could be an advantage for your business. If your target customers are of this age, then it can be a really optimistic thing for your business. 

59% of Average Adults Use Instagram Daily 

Do you know that it is more than 50% and you can use it to your advantage? Because some people use Instagram multiple times a day. When they are bored, waiting for something, getting their hair done, etc. This is a possibility for your business and you can make the most of it. this is your chance to start a promotional campaign on Instagram. it will surely boost your business. you can thank us later. 

58% of Users are Attracted to a Brand After Seeing it in Stories 

We kid you not, this is true! It has happened to most of us. Some things appear more attractive when an influencer or a creator has worn them or used them. stories are something we see in our leisure time and this is when random things attract us. 

Now how can you use this as an advantage? You can send your brand or service to an influencer or a content creator. And then just wait for the magic. Moreover, making your brand more aesthetically appealing, creating suspense, schedule story timings can be extremely beneficial. 

Active Brands Post More than 17 Stories

Instagram stories are an easy way to engage with the targeted customers. Audiences love a brand that is suggestive and engages more. If you are a startup you can use this to your advantage. Post as many stories as you can so that your brand can get recognized. 

Want us to give you a little tip? Well, you should post stories every day to appear amongst the top stories on Instagram. 

90% of Users Follow One Business at Least

Don’t be afraid to get your brand active on social media: everyone is doing it! Instagram is a place to “build your community and enhance your connection with existing and potential consumers,” as the company puts it. Instagram adds new business features on a regular basis, such as commerce functionality and Instagram Live, to assist companies.

You could have guessed it too as a normal person you follow pages on Instagram. Plus, if you are a marketer you must follow other competing brands. Most businesses try to attract more audiences by sending PR and making suggestive Instagram stories. If you need more customers, you can opt for giveaways and attract more audiences through them. 

In conclusion, if you are planning on making your business popular you should get your “Insta game” strong as this could be the most advantageous strategy to date. 

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