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Ionic Detox Foot Bath: A Guide

Stamford-based ionic detox foot bath is getting popular every day. People are becoming health conscious, which is helping them clear out the toxic material from their bodies. The salt booth halotherapy is revolutionizing and aiding everyone to get rid of impurities from their bodies with ease. Although many people are trying them at home, practicing the therapy under some expert supervision may help you gain the right benefits.

This article discusses the tidbits of the treatment and how it can be availed. 

How Does Ionic Detox Foot Bath Work?

Ionic Foot BathA session of ionic foot detox in Stamford helps you pull out the deadly toxins of your body from the feet. An ionizing machine is used to ionize the foot bathwater. Going deeper, the hydrogen in the water functions as a positive charge that attracts the negatively charged ions of the body. The ions in the water bind the toxins and heavy metals that affect the health of human beings. As a result, the toxins present in your body come out from the bottoms of your feet.


The toxins in your body accumulate over a period of time. The more aged you are, the more toxin comes out from your body. So it does not matter what age you are of. You can avail yourself of the salt booth halotherapy. Mostly, everyone can apply the therapy. But if you have open sores or infections in your feet, it is better not to opt for the treatment. Others can hastily benefit from a warm foot soak.

Foot soaks are refreshing and relaxing. It is a delightful way to relax after a long and tiring day, helping in reviving blood circulation in the feet.


In the process of foot soaking, the salt in the water ionizes the water molecules and helps drag out your body’s toxins through your feet. The complexion of the water may change in the meanwhile. But if you do not see any change, that does not mean it is not working. The charged water molecules in a salt booth halo therapy decrease the body’s toxic load, balance the pH level, reduce inflammation, remove yeast, detoxify the liver and kidney, and enhance the immune system.

For skin, the process not only affects your feet but your whole body is affected. You lose rashes dark circles under the eyes and get rid of swollen joints. A yellow-green and blotched complexion is often seen released due to a buildup of acid waste in the body.

Side Effects

People who have diabetes are advised to consult their doctors before using foot detox. Sometimes the process affects the blood sugar levels. You may feel nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. People having decreased sensation in their foot can also avoid the ionic detox foot bath in Stamford and everywhere else as they may experience burns due to prolonged submersion in water.

Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Lamp

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