Is business analytics a good career to pursue?


Yes, of course. Nowadays, every company understands the importance of business analytics whether it is a big organization or the small one. Businesses now have a high demand for skilled professionals. The question now is why analyzing data is so important? The answer to it is its result. These results are essential for the company to make an actionable decision. Any individual who has an interest in analyzing the data can work in this field. The individual should also have good documentation, listening, and communication skills. By doing Business Analytics Online Training you can learn how to mine the data and extract useful information.

Who Is Business Analyst?

Business analytics is the practice of investigating past performance to gain insights. Business analysts solve business problems using statistical models and other quantitative methods. They also help in streamlining the process helping businesses optimize their profit. Additionally, they help businesses to improve their products and services. They use statistics and algorithms to analyze and make reports.

Skillset To Become A Business Analyst

Technical Skills

Programming Skills

As business analysts work closely with both IT professionals and management or stakeholders it becomes important for the analyst to know to program. So that they can easily communicate with the programming professional to get the exact information analyst wants and deliver it to management.

Statistical Language

Since business analyst has to deal with a huge number of data it is also very important for them to have proficiency in the statistical language. Apart from being an easy language to learn statistical language is also an important one for the growth in this career. There are two most important language in statistical analysis that an analyst cannot ignore which is R and Python.


This language is one of the most important languages for analyst professionals. The language helps the database understand the command human puts into the database helping us to extract important information we want.

Statistical Software

Along with the knowledge of the statistical language. One should also have a good command of statistical software. Here, the basic software is Excel and the advanced software is SAS, Mathematica, etc.

Soft Skills


The analyst should be able to visualize the data. They should be able to organize the data in a way that everyone can understand easily. The analyst should represent the data in a presentable manner as well.

Problem Solver

Business analysts not only do data mining but also help businesses find and solve problems. That is why a business analyst should be a problem solver. They should be able to come up with some creative ideas.

Critical Thinking

The business analyst should be able to critically analyze the data and think about the problem. They also need a proper understanding of data. Using their critical thinking business analyst analyze facts and evidence to make a judgment. Their ability to observe the problem and find the solution is incredible.


Although it is a non-technical skill. But is a very important skill as well. Suppose, you become good at analyzing the data and coming up with the solutions. But not able to communicate it effectively with the management then there is no point in all your hard work. It will be of no use. So, business analysts should also be good at communication.

How Can I learn It?

Earn a bachelor’s degree – It is the first step to starting your career as a business analyst. Students from any background like finance business, administration, or engineering can become business analysts.

Advance your knowledge – Along with your undergraduate degree, you can also do many other courses like business analytics, economics, or data science. This will help you to advance your knowledge and will give you an additional advantage as well.

Getting Certified – Getting certifications will help you to gain supplementary knowledge in this field. This will also help you to highlight your competency in the resume. Getting the right training and certification will also help you to gain both technical and non-technical skills as well.

Get hands-on experience – Getting certified is the key to becoming an expert in this field. You can do that by either getting training from some institute or getting a job if there is any requirement.


To conclude, business analysts analyze the problem to help improve the overall business. The demand for the business analyst is higher than the supply. Updating your skills and starting with this career can help you to go long way. It is also one of the lucrative and rewarding jobs to do. Having the basic skillset discussed above can take you a long way. The career has a lot of scope in the future. Lastly, if you want to step into one of the lucrative careers you can also go for Business Analytics Training in Gurgaon. This training ensures you are on the right track and get you industry-ready.

All the best.

And let us know what are your thoughts on this lucrative career.

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