“It’s simple, if it jiggles, it’s fat”; Here Are Some Health Benefits of Exercise

Yes, that’s right; the titular quote is of Arnold Schwarzenegger and indeed anything that jiggles on your body is fat. Many people in the US suffer from conditions like obesity, being overweight, etc., due to less exercise and the absence of a healthy routine in their lives. As a result, try to incorporate training in their daily routines by going to the gym or by buying different fitness equipment in their homes from stores like Bluefin Fitness coupons.

Also, with all the respect to those people that have a passion for eating or don’t have a fit body, or don’t have a gym membership, I am just saying to start integrating some exercise in your daily life. A little effort would do. Still, I am not suggesting or implying in any way that fat people or eating is bad, rather I am inferring that eating can be fun if you take care of your body just like it takes care of you all the time. Still, it is your right to do whatever you want to, to your body but below are some health benefits of exercise that can be significant for you and your body:

Weight And Fat Loss While Increase In Body Muscles(long term benefit of exercise)

Weight And Fat Loss

It is obvious that when you exercise it will lead to weight and fat loss, which is good by the way since it will reduce all extra unnecessary fat from your body, and while you are lifting weights, it will work to increase your muscles simultaneously. In this way, your body will start getting in shape. You will be able to develop strength, stamina, and durability in your body. According to Andrew Jagim, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist in Sports Medicine in Onalaska, Wisconsin, Strength training is an effective form of exercise for building lean body mass, which can improve weight loss and overall appearance.”

Improves Your Appetite(Health Benefits of Exercise)


Another beneficial thing that happens is that it improves your appetite. Those people who are skinny or don’t eat much, well it is the best news for them. Commonly, they are not into physical activities or something like that making them want less food. However, with exercise and constant strain on your muscle strength, the body will automatically trigger your appetite, making your desire for more food than usual.

Make You Responsible About What You Put In Your System

What You Put In Your System

Exercise is all about focus, concentration, consistency, and discipline. Psychologically, it makes you responsible for things that you put into your system. As you are doing exercise or have started going to the gym, it will make you conscious of the things that you eat. You will instinctively merge fruits, vegetables, dairy products while skipping alcohol intake, fast food in your diet.

Kills Stress, Anxiety, And Depression

stress, Anxiety, And Depression

The release of endorphins, during exercise or workout, relieves tension, stress, anxiety, and hence depression. Physical training, in the medical realm, is considered an anti-stress or depression treatment. Also, those people that are aged and don’t like intense exercises can feel relaxed and fit with today’s technological advancement. Thank God, Modern fitness stores like the Bluefin Fitness promo code, are providing multiple fitness solutions that help in releasing stress and relieving pain while making them fit at home.

Reduces The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases

Owing to a healthy fitness routine, you are being conscious of what you eat and there is a relief in your stress and depression, this will further reduce the risk of different cardiovascular diseases. A workout routine can significantly prevent the chances and probability of strokes, high blood pressure, and other cardio conditions.

Enhances Your Sleep


As exercise improves your appetite, makes you feel relaxed and devoid of all the hardship and tension of daily life, it ensures a healthy sleeping habit for you. Being able to forget or minimize your anxiety and stress, triggers a very calm sleep at night. Also, medically speaking exercise or physical training enhances the level of the brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, which help in improving our concentration, memory, and mood. Thus, it also helps you be focused and attentive the next day in the office.

Makes You Feel Satisfied And Happy

Satisfied And Happy

By exercise, you will never feel failure or disappointment of any kind which contrastingly you can face in other cases of your daily life like in exams, assignments or official tasks, etc. Each day when you work out whether a little or too much, you will feel that you have done something favorable for your body. You will give time for yourself. This will make you feel contented, satisfied, and happy, and believe me! The realization of being satisfied is like no other feeling.

Healthy LifeStyle

Healthy LifeStyle

Last but not the least, exercise has great significance for you and your body; both mental and physical. Owing to the already mentioned benefits, exercise, fitness, work out is an obvious doorway to a healthy lifestyle, which will make you live your life to its fullest.

The Bottom Line

These are the best health Benefits of Exercise that you get if you start doing exercing. Having a healthy physique or doing exercise is not a bad thing given its aforementioned health benefits. So make an effort, even a small one, which can really make a difference in making you include exercise in your daily habits. To conclude, here is another Arnold quote, “Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe strongly in yourself and go beyond limitations.”

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