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Kheerganga Trek | A very beautiful Trip

Kasol is a great place to take in the beauty of the valley and the grandeur of the mountains without having to climb too high.

With such a large variety of lovely sites, one can easily plan a trip from Kasol to Tosh, Malana, Manikaran, and so on. So, if you need to lose your sense of direction in the desert while witnessing the mind-boggling majesty of the mountains, Kasol is the place for you. I have divided this blog in some parts like –

Part 1

However, while being a very easy trek, Himalayan Vista offers spectacular natural beauty. For many, it is the ideal packaged vacation destination. It features a large camping area surrounded by Himalayan Mountains, a temple dedicated to Lord Mahadeva, a natural hot spring with an artificial swimming pool, and breathtaking natural beauty in all directions. During the tourist season, residents from the surrounding villages come to run improvised guesthouses, restaurants, and small businesses. Kheerganga appears to be alive with gorgeous spirits from all across the country at the beginning of March.

Part 2

Kheerganga is a large camping area in Himachal Pradesh’s famous Parvati Valley, nestled in the centre of the mountains. During the tourism season, which runs from March to November, it gets a large number of visitors. Although people used to climb all year to Kheerganga Trek, the primary tourist season is only from March to November. To get to Kheerganga from the nearest motorable road, you must endure a 12-kilometer trek on a pretty easy trekking track. This trip is one of the most popular in the Himalayas since the terrain is quite pleasant and takes 4-5 hours to reach Kheerganga.

Part 3

The Kheer Ganga walk, which is surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas, is not only one of the most well-known treks in Himachal Pradesh, but also one of the greatest in India.

The breathtaking beauty paired with the thrill of the unknown is fundamentally a wonderful portion of experience for mountain lovers.

Explore the Parvati Valley’s slants, mysterious towns, and pure environment. The views, in particular, are soothing to your senses.

The beneficial waters of the boiling water spring can also be found at the end of the route. The trek’s name, Kheer Ganga, comes from a water spring that is reputed to have medicinal characteristics.

Part 4

The 11-kilometer trip begins in Barshaini, where two well-known routes have been reviewed and plotted by previous hikers and aides. Furthermore, you can get help from the locals along the way.

Riding Solo offers trekking courses to Kheerganga.

Part 5

The distance between Barshaini and Kheerganga via any of the routes is around 9-10 kilometres. From Barshaini, there are three routes to Kheerganga.

After Barshaini, walk around the expansion and turn left. Ask anyone how to effectively deal with Nakthan town and Kheerganga. This is the shortest and most well-supported track, taking 3-4 hours for someone walking at a normal pace.

This course is located on the Parvati stream’s left half. The trail through Nakthan is the most common route to Kheerganga, and it is stepped all the way around.

Part 6

Take an advantage to scale and reach Kalga town from the enhancement. Despite the fact that it joins the vital track practically the entire way on the journey, there is another trek course from Kalga to Kheerganga.

This route passes through dense forest, and it is entirely possible for someone to become lost on their way to Kheerganga. It is used by a small number of hikers because the vast majority do not consider this route.

From Tosh town, there is another trekking path to Kheerganga. It also connects to Route 1 near the town of Nakthan.

Vacationers who stay in Tosh for the night and need to trek the next morning frequently use the outdoors at Kheerganga. The Tosh conduit runs through Tosh town and meets the Parvati stream near Pulga. Also have a look on Kuari Pass Trek.

Things to remember when preparing for kheerganga

It would be good if you kept in mind to travel with as little luggage as possible and to keep your pressing simple while planning a trip to Tosh.

1. Money

Because no one can predict when you will need money, it is always a good idea to have plenty on hand.

2. Backpack

Because you will be climbing mountains, it is a good idea to have a knapsack so that the hike will be easier for you.

3. A Good Camera

You would undoubtedly need to catch the lovely magnificence in the area.

4. Carry Clothes

A tracksuit should always be carried because it will make climbing safer and easier. Also, save your clothes to bring, as the rest of your belongings will be available in the lodge.

Experience teaches a superior traveller to consult a neighbourhood manual for direct information and to participate in a social event as much as data from nearby towns.

For local or outstation rides, taxi stands are available. At Kheerganga, there are single star to seven star hotels, guest houses, and motels to choose from. The natural grandeur of Kheerganga, Rudra Nag, and the Parvati River may be found in Himachal Pradesh.

Pin Parvati Pass walk offers the most stunning traverses, beginning in the forest, and is the greatest area to capture the natural environment if you enjoy photography. There are no flights or trains to or from Barshaini.

Explore Kheerganga and Parvati valley with the help of a tour guide on an easy trek. Road mobility is now enough for exploring Nathan community.

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