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Know Everything About Railing Systems and Its type

All about railing systems

When it comes to the railing systems, the most popular one is Aluminium Railings. These are nowadays very popular in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. Aluminium Railings in Delhi are very popular and can be seen installed in both professional and personal infrastructure. Aluminium railings in Delhi NCR are best manufactured by Satkartar Glass Solutions.  In this article, we will discuss the various kinds of aluminium railings materials. The main purpose of a railing is to ensure safety by providing partial enclosure. And, this purpose of installing a railing is applicable both indoor and outdoor.  Installed Railings to protect your friends and family from falling from elevation. Therefore, it is very important that every railing installed both inside and outside of your house is compliant with the standardised code of safety while installing a railing. The code includes the following requirements:-

  • Railing height
  • Post spacing
  • Materials
  • Fasteners

If you look around yourself, you will be able to see that you can find various kinds of railings in your home. Apart from providing safety, railings also help you navigate safely through various staircase passages. They also act as a boundary, separating the inside from the outside area. Railings also uses at the edge of a living room or balcony.

So, since balconies are so important in our homes, you must think twice when you are getting them replaced. There are various factors that you need to think about when you are replacing the balcony. The factors involved here are much more than just cost and the normal functioning of the balcony. The other factors are price, materials, aesthetics, longevity and maintenance. It’s very important to consider these points when you are thinking about replacing the railings in your house.


Materials used for railings:-

Below mentioned are some of the most common materials used for railings:-


This is one of the best materials use as Railings. These aluminium railings are very popular in Delhi and all over the country. They have multiple benefits such as being budget-friendly, very good in terms of strength and durability. There are many suppliers of aluminium railings that supply these railings in various colours. These aluminium railings treated, before selling them to the customers, to be corrosion resistant. And the best part about these aluminium railings is that they require very low maintenance.



This is the most traditional material which use for railings. If you look for some old traditionally installed railings, you will find that most of them made up of wood. In the case of wooden railings, either it can completely made up of wood or it can contain other materials as well such as glass, iron rods or cable. Wooden railings are not overly expensive to install. You can very easily paint the surface of these wooden railings and coordinate them with the overall look of your house. However, nowadays these wooden railings have become quite out of date, as most of them have replaced by modern materials such as iron, aluminium or steel.



This is amongst the most affordable railing material and comes in a variety of colours. The best part about vinyl is it’s maintenance-free. You just need to wipe it with a cloth to keep it free from any dirt or debris.



Installing them from the perspective of maintenance is the best, as they are very low maintenance. If you have used glass railings for the exterior, you can simply clean them. And if you have installed them for the internal, then you can just clean them whenever you see them dirty. For the installation purpose, always prefer getting it installe by a professional.



Though this is the new kid on the block, it’s interestingly becoming very popular. They are made from stainless steel and are very well suited for both indoors and outdoors uses.



Aluminium railings in Delhi are very popular and had been a part of the modern infrastructure for many decades now.

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