Launch Gojek Clone App And Move To The Top Of The Multi-Service Business Industry

App like Gojek furnishes 70+ On-Demand Services including Swift Taxi Rides, Quick Food Deliveries, Efficient Transport & Logistics, and Last-Moment Pharmacy Deliveries, under a Single Hat.

Let’s see how Users are adopting such Services for a Happy-Go-Lucky Life –


Mia Garcia, a Philadelphia Resident is set to have New Year Celebrations at the Docklands Party, Delaware. By using Gojek Clone she books in advance a midnight Taxi Ride, by choosing the Ride Later Option, to the Philadelphia International Airport.

She’s allotted a Taxi Ride at 23:45 ET, and John with 4-Star Rating is her Taxi Driver with Nissan Versa Car Number – PENNA 1902 7552. Given the Safety Checklist, she herself puts Luggage in the Car, and enjoys the Taxi Ride. After she reaches the Airport, an Automated-Bill is generated. This is the Entire Break-Down of the Bill:

  • Base Fare: US $10
  • Time Fare: US $1/ Min
  • Distance Fare: US $1/ Mile
  • Time Taken: 11 Minutes
  • Distance Covered: 15 Miles
Therefore, Total Bill without the 10 % Tax
  • Base Fare: US $10
  • Time Fare (US $/min): US $11
  • Distance Fare (US $/ mile): US $15
  • Airport Surcharge: US $20

Hence, the Total Bill without the Tax is US $56. After adding 10% Tax of US $5.6, the Total Payable Amount becomes US $61.6, which Mia pays using her In-App Wallet. Lastly she gives a 5-Star Trip and Safety Rating to the Driver for a Safe and Speedy Taxi Ride, and dashes towards the Boarding Point.

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One of Marshall’s Best Plans for New Year includes getting his Chevrolet Stingray polished. With Gojek App Clone he selects Multiple Services for Home Location that includes Exterior Polishing and Paint Protection Film. Based on Good Reviews, he selects Tom Miller, and pays Cash after Service Completion. Thereby, washing away his Car Maintenance worries!


After a tiring day, as Isabella returns home, she’s hungry, but finds no mood to cook dinner. She opens her Gojek Clone App and selects Samosky’s Pizza Outlet to quickly order Large Sized Heartacado Soft Crust Pizza, and Stuffed Cheesy Garlic Bread. To make the meal wholesome she adds more toppings including Mushrooms, Asiago, and Black Olives. Finally, she pays by Card and immediately gets an In-App Push Notification that the Order is Successfully Placed.

Looking to build an App like this from scratch? Let’s check how one can approach it.

For a Coder to Build an App from Ground Up, one needs to have certain aspects ready. What are those?


One needs components like User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android & iOS App, Store, Website, and Admin Panel for App Development.

To develop these Components, a Team of Experienced Professionals is required. See who’s in the list!

  • Project Managers,
  • Android Developers,
  • PHP Experts,
  • Systems Analysts,
  • iOS Developers,
  • Database Analysts,
  • Quality Assessment Experts,
  • Content Writers.

That’s not it! One has got to have the Infrastructure to facilitate these Professionals to work productively. With the entire team of IT Professionals on board, you will need at least 3-4 years to get the working model of the Prototype ready. Add to this, a couple of more years in transforming and Perfecting this Prototype into a Fully-Functional App. Hypothetically, if a Fully-Functional App is ready by the end of the 6th year, even then you can’t launch it right away. You have to first Beta-Test it for Six-Months followed by Intense and rigorous Market-Testing that will take close to a year! That is why, coding a Complex App like Gojek will easily take 7-8 years before it goes live on Android Play Stores and iOS App Stores.

Wait! Let’s not skip the Finances. Highly-Skilled and Proficient Workforce who have field experience of at least a Decade would definitely demand a six-figure salary a month. And you have to keep paying them for 7-8 years! You also have to contribute to their Provident Funds, award them Financial and Medical Incentives to keep their morale high.

Then comes the Infrastructural Costs! The monthly Rent of the Office Premise, Electricity Bills, Municipality Tax and even Annual Maintenance Fee. How can I forget? The Subscription Costs of all the Software that your team of IT Professionals will need, who will count that in. And on top of it, you have to provide State-Of-The-Art Hardware and equipment to your Team to get the best results! This is why coding an App from scratch will easily cost you at least Quarter of a Million Dollars!

Doesn’t this sound to be Money-Taking, more than Money-Making? But you have a Better Option – A Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Pre-Built App!

You heard it right! You can go for a Readymade Gojek App Clone that’s available at the Price of Peanuts when compared to the Gigantic Figure of US $250,000! Launch this App and go live in record 7 Days! But mind you, only Well-Established and Authentic White-Labelling Firms can deliver you the product in such a short span of time.


Do you want to become the first Millionaire of your Family? Do you want to cash in profits from Day 1 of the App Launch? Then Powerful Gojek like App can make all of your dreams come true. Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firm of Global Repute.



Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of cubetaxi.com, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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