List of top one-way video interview platforms 2022

With one-way video interview platforms , recruiters can set up video interviews and let a candidate pre-record answers to given questions. The best one-way software also provides evaluation, rating and performance status among your hiring team. One-way video interviews accelerate the entire recruiting process. Experts believe a combination of the one-way interviewing methods will be the way recruiting and hiring is done post-pandemic as traditional hiring practices make a comeback alongside recently adopted virtual processes.

If you’re looking to qualify more candidates faster, you should use a video interview solution. According to recent data from HR managers and recruiters, this will streamline and expedite your hiring process.

  •  Before COVID-19, a study found that video technology was being used by at least 60% of hiring managers and recruiters. Now, a poll of HR leaders shows that as many as organizations are using virtual technology to interview candidates.
  •  Video interviewing is a great way to attract job applicants. In fact, 57- 59% of candidates prefer an interview conducted this way because it’s easier and more convenient. Moreover, 98% of candidates interviewed via video tend to perceive the employer as innovative – a reputation you’ll want to have.

One-way video interviewing is a great way to save time and money when recruiting. However, choosing the right software to facilitate one-way video interviews can be tricky. This guide will help you avoid pitfalls and get in touch with vendors that offer the best combination of features and value.


Ducknowl one of the best one-way video interviewing platform and talent assessments help companies hire employees faster, with less bias. Their platform is entirely data-driven, so you can focus on the right candidates. It’s not limited to video interviews—Ducknowl offers many features to speed up your hiring process and eliminate bias. 

Ducknowl is a complete suite of products for hiring and workforce management. It leverages data-driven algorithms to promote hiring through conscious reasoning instead of the sole intuition of the recruiter.


MyInterview’s video interview software is easy to integrate with your existing career site. It works with Facebook, Australia’s Hudson recruitment, British household names P&O Ferries and Ocado. myInterview’s latest module uses machine learning to assess candidate answers based on their professionalism, reasoning, etc. myInterview takes a “glass box” (vs black box) approach to leveraging AI for their hiring analytics.

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Brazen is a virtual career fair platform, with a video interview tool that allows users to have high-quality video conversations in real-time with candidates as part of a broader user flow within their recruitment solution. It’s easy to switch between text and video, even with multiple candidates at once. Scheduled video chats will also be available shortly. Notably, Brazen also offers an HR chatbot that can handle a good percentage of the interactions with each candidate.


With OutMatch Video, you can conduct both on-demand and live video interviews with job seekers and integrate with popular ATS’s like iCIMS, Taleo and Greenhouse. Their technology can be rapidly implemented, has recruitment branding features, and enables structured, collaborative interviewing across an organisation. You can even support a group or panel interviewing with their live interviewing technology. Their customers include 7-Eleven, Panera and Subway.


XOR’s one-way video interview platform integrates with their broader recruitment automation suite, allowing recruiters to streamline the hiring process. Recruiters can connect directly for live video interviews either on mobile or desktop. Talent acquisition teams can also have candidates record on-demand video interviews through their chatbot. In addition to video responses, the bot can also ask questions with multiple choice or open-ended responses.


Spark Hire is one of the most loving platforms for video interviews. More than 6,500 companies use it to streamline their hiring process and screen candidates more efficiently. Its video interview software supports one-way interviews/pre-recorded recordings, allowing recruiters to speed up the talent screening process by having candidates record short video answers to standardised questions that are given by the recruiter. This also helps to remove bias from the recruiting process.

Spark Hire has some great features, including live video interviews. Recruiters can record their conversations with candidates and then share the videos with hiring managers. This interview feature makes it easy to rate and comment on candidates and document rejection reasons; big recruiting teams will appreciate the platform’s ability to create personalised and branded videos at scale, and receive instant notifications when those videos are viewed.


Vidcruiter offers recruiters one-way video features that allow them to review and mitigate the struggles of global recruitment. The company also provides a live-video feature that shows you the dashboard for all viewing modes for every candidate, along with comments and other notes. These features are only part of the Vidcruiter platform. Recruiters can either get it as a standalone or part of the fully equipped platform. Unlike more common communication services like Skype or Zoom, Vidcruiter was specially designed for recruiting.

Final Thought 

One-way video interview platforms are an exciting part of your recruiting process, especially when you’re recruiting for large numbers of roles that require phone screens. These platforms decrease the amount of time you spend conducting interviews, which gives you more time to devote to other tasks, like deciding whether or not to hire a candidate.

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