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Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

The possibilities of configuration and use of SharePoint™ products and technology require the help of specialists for their implementation and better use.

Vial Informatic provides consulting and development services (programming) to guarantee the proper use of this product and maximize its benefits.

Microsoft SharePoint™ is a product focused on making business productivity more efficient with SharePoint Consulting, allowing information to be easily shared between groups of users such as project teams, departments or the entire organization as a whole.

What is Microsoft SharePoint™?

It enables you to build company intranets, extranets, and web applications on a single, integrated platform, rather than relying on disparate, fragmented systems.

SharePoint ™ provides a single point of access where users can access or find all the information they need to work.

Studies carried out (Gartner Group) indicate that:

  1. Employees get 50% to 75% of the information they work with directly from other people.
  2. More than 80% of all digitized information in a company resides on hard drives and personal devices.
  3. The information processed in the company is largely retained by the same employees who generate it and is lost when they leave the company.
  4. A person spends 30% of his time looking for information that he requires to do his job.
  5. SharePoint™ is not only a Collaboration and Content Management tool, but it is extensible from a complete
  6. development platform based on Office tools (SP Designer, InfoPath, Excel Services, etc.) and the entire
  7. development environment of .NET (Visual Studio Net, ASP.NET, C#, SharePoint’s own object model, etc.).

What can Microsoft SharePoint™ be used for?

We can use SharePoint™ as:

  1. Regional Sales Portal
  2. Shared repositories
  3. Research and development resources
  4. Work Team Sites
  5. Sites of the XX Project
  6. Internal Employee Services Portal (Company Intranet)
  7. B2B Tracking Site
  8. Business intelligence dashboards
  9. public corporate site
  10. Compendium of IT Rules and Regulations
  11. Department “xyz” Document Sites
  12. Content Management Portal
  13. Meeting Minutes Repository
  14. company extranet
  15. Front-end SAP

What services does it provide?

SharePoint provides the following services:


Documents/tasks/calendars, blogs, wikis, polls, person/group lists, email integration, project management, Outlook integration.

WSS features include:

  1. Version control and history (log of changes).
  2. Protection and unprotection of files.
  3. Custom Views.
  4. Recycle bin.
  5. Versioning and security by list item.
  6. Administration of content types associated with lists and/or documents.
  7. Searches within the site.
  8. Indexes for lists with large volumes of data.
  9. Personalized alerts.
  10. RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
  11. Support for backup / restore of information.
  12. Workflows
  13. Secure access configuration (SSL)


Corporate portal, site templates, site directory, personal sites, social networks, access control to detailed information.

Indexing and Searching

SharePoint server allows you to index content inside and outside of SharePoint. The search engine is configurable and requires a lot of parameterization and tuning.

Content Management

Users can create new web content, run content approval processes, and then post the approved content to some other public website.

Business forms

Allows you to capture information in electronic forms and then associate workflows with them.

Business intelligence

  1. It is focused on summarizing and presenting business information.
  2. Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager 2005 (BSM)
  3. Microsoft Office Excel Calculation Services
  4. SQL Reporting Services and Analysis Services

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