Moonstone:- A Substitute of Precious Pearls

Moonstone is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone belonging to the mineral family of feldspars. The beautiful stone is a moon resembling stone with an opalescent appearance. The natural Moonstone is found in a wide range of colors such as pink, white, peach, green, grey, yellow, blue, etc. The Moonstone exhibits a play of colors known as adularescence, while the clarity of the real Moonstone ranges from transparent to opaque. In Hindi, Moonstone is also known as Chandrakantmani, Gaudanta, or Chandramani about its magnificent beauty. This sparkling stone is also used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

The most valued Moonstones​ are found in India and Sri Lanka. Out of all the colors, Blue colored Moonstones are of very high value and rare. They are only found in Sri Lanka. In India rainbow, colored moonstones are very famous. 


An original Moonstone is considered a natural and astrological substitute for the pearl. It can be potentially used in the place of the pearl. Wearing a pearl has many benefits. The most important among them being that the pearl can be worn by any person irrespective of the zodiac sign or natal chart conditions. The pearls are obtained from sea animals and are used extensively for making alluring jewelry. Astrologically, the pearls benefit the wearer by blessing him/her with a perfectly​ balanced mind, soul, and body. The wearer tends to get control over his/her temperamental​ issues and becomes a very calm and peaceful person. 

certified Moonstone

Both the Moonstone and the pearl are worn to increase the strength of the Moon, they are many times worn interchangeably. However, it is very essential to keep in mind that you should wear only a certified Moonstone that is bought from a trusted gemstone dealer( only.


Benefits of Wearing a Moonstone


  • Enhances the strength of the Moon and makes it more auspicious.
  • Provides a sense of calmness and peacefulness.
  • Beneficial in controlling anger and disoriented mind, thereby increasing the focusing power of the person.
  • This stone protects the wearer from unforeseen dangers and mishappenings like untimely accidents, travel fear, etc.
  • The wearer of this stone gets protected against many physical ailments such as cold, stomach, and digestion-related problems, eye-related issues, etc. 
  • The wearer of an authentic Moonstone is also able to get rid of various mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc. 
  • The Moonstone helps the native in re-strengthening old, broken, and strained relationships.
  • This is an excellent stone for couples who want to reignite the lost love and romance in their relationship.
  • The Moonstone brings wealth and prosperity to the individual. It also brings fame and authoritative power to the wearer.
  • This stone improves the financial condition of the person and lets him go debt-free.


According to Vedic astrology, there is a proper set of instructions and rituals that are required to be followed before wearing any gemstone. This is done to increase the strength of the gemstone. The same goes for the Moonstone also, where you are required to follow certain instructions before wearing it.

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