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Must Know Tips To Use Touchscreen Of Chromebook

Chromebooks are fast and efficient in performance and their use can be more efficient if they come with a good touchpad. The touchpad is a very helpful feature in Chromebooks as well as in laptops and with the time changes in it takes place.

In Laptops Too, touchscreen laptops these days are not expensive. You can buy touchscreen laptops for under $300 even, the same goes with a Chromebook.  Refurbished Chromebooks can be purchased for under $100.

There is no left or right-click button in the old Chromebook touchpad but in new coming laptops or Chromebooks it is supported with both left and right-click buttons.

Now you can drag and drop with ease by using the touchpad and you can also customize the set with it.

For anyone, Chromebook is the best device that is used with a touchpad and you can also use a USB mouse in your Chromebook but the touchpad is a quick response feature that is always connected with Chromebook.

Some important tips need to keep in your mind when you are using a Chromebook touchpad.

How To Right Click Using Chromebook Touchpad:

In most cases, you can use two fingers at a time to right-click on the touchpad. If it is not working you need to enable it functional.

For this go to the setting by tapping the menu on the bottom corner of the screen to select the gear icon. It promotes the window set to open, now scroll down and click the advanced. Under mouse and touchpad select setting for mouse and touchpad open and click to enable the feature of it.

How to scroll with touchpad:

To scroll with a touchpad you can use two fingers to scroll up and down the website vertically.  You can also change its setting by using the setting box and making it work in your way.

By using two fingers instead of clicking down just scroll it up and down and you can go into the web pages. In some laptops, two-finger scrolling may not work.

If the touchpad works with two fingers then scroll your fingers on the touchpad to slide the page up and down.

Change the touchpad scroll direction:

You can change your touchpad scroll direction, tap, sensitivity, and speed. For this change use your laptop setting and find the scrolling direction in the setting. You can reverse the scrolling direction of the touchpad or mouse and use two fingers in your way.

For reversing the direction open the window setting and go-to devices, select the touchpad from the menu and adjust its up and down scrolling direction as you want. You can also use the ChromeOS setting to change its direction of it.

How to turn off touchpad tapping:

Often when I am busy typing than my thumb scroll over the touchpad and it displaces the cursor from its original position. This displacement of the cursor disturbs me during the work.

To avoid this accidental touch now you can turn off your touchpad working from setting to type easily. This setting helps to avoid the accidental tap on your touchpad.

Swap between tabs using the Chromebook touchpad command:

If you are doing working more and have several tabs open in your window at a time. During running all the tabs there are different ways to swap between them.

You can swap on each tab by clicking on it via mouse or pointer.

You can swap between the tabs by using the keyboard to hold the ctrl key and then pressing the tab key during running tabs.

You can also use three fingers on the touchpad to place all three quickly and move the one from these three between the tabs on the Chromebook touchpad.

In short, when you are using the Chromebook or laptop you can make multiple changes to the touchpad working. You can turn it off or on, change its scrolling direction via reversing the movement of the cursor up and down depending upon the user’s way. balçova escort

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