Now You Can Buy Etsy Gift Cards

We announced in August that Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price will be available in the autumn. The day has finally arrived, and Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price are now for sale! Gift cards and checks aren’t always the best options for folks who are tough to purchase, but this is a great alternative.


This is a present that allows your loved ones to choose anything they want! Buying them for Etsy-obsessed friends and even those who don’t shop on Etsy (yet!) has us all giddy with anticipation. With the help of advertising and collaborations, we want to spread the word about Etsy’s fantastic gift-giving experience throughout the globe.


Then, How Do I Get My Hands On Them, You Ask?


At, you may buy Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price for other people as well as yourself. It’s up to you whether you want to send an email or print a physical gift card.


Anyone in the United States may buy Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price by clicking on “Gift Cards” in the banner or by visiting You’ll get a confirmation email once your order has been finished. Choose from one of our four wacky designs.


With an Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price, you may send a variety of messages like “Congratulations,” “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Fall,” or even “You Rock.” Consider printing off your gift card and put it in a hand-made card or envelope for an extra personal touch.


How To Redeem An Etsy Gift Certificate?


You’ll get an email letting you know that a gift card has been sent to you. To redeem your Gift Card, Stock Price, all you have to do is click on the “Redeem Now” button. Using your redemption code, you may redeem your printed card at, where you can enter your code.


Is there anything more I can do for you? If you have any remaining funds in your account, you may use them to make a purchase. During checkout, you’ll be given the option to input your redemption code if you’ve neglected to do so and want to proceed with your purchase.


Etsy Gift Card, Stock Price may be used to identify stores that accept them by using search criteria and placing a gift card emblem in prominent locations.


When looking for or browsing for products, choose the “Accepts Gift Cards” option.

  • When looking for things on, look for the “Show Only” filters on the left menu.
  • Look for the gift card symbol next to the credit card logos in the shop’s “Payment Methods” section on a listing page. It will show next to the credit card logos when you add an item to your basket.
  • While searching or browsing, you’ll notice a gift card symbol shown on all listings if you have a balance on your gift card. On the listing page, you’ll see the same symbol again just below the “Add to Cart” button.


Can I Use Etsy Gift Cards As Payment In My Shop?


It is required that you allow direct checkout to process Etsy Coupon Code Free Shipping. Why? relies on our direct checkout functionality and the security and legal safeguards provided by our payments system since it issues and manages the gift cards.


For a gift card to operate across many businesses, a central checkout flow linking and not separate PayPal accounts must be established in order. There are legal safeguards in place to prevent gift card users and vendors from being held personally accountable for any issues that may arise.


Using Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price doesn’t need any extra steps for sellers who use direct checkout. You may process and refund these purchases just like any other direct checkout order. If someone is using an Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price, you’ll be able to see it in your emails and receipts.


A direct checkout is an option that we urge you to take advantage of. For consumers who want to pay by credit card straight via this is a convenient alternative that sellers appreciate. According to the data collected so far, the benefits of direct checkout are as follows:


  • When compared to alternative payment options, customers who use direct checkout spend roughly $3.00 more on their purchases.
  • Direct checkout customers make up more than 40% of all purchases made on the site. There is no limit to the number of DC purchases you may make after you’ve made your first one!!
  • We found that for businesses offering direct checkout, customers were 16.3% more likely to finish the checkout process and purchase an item if they could pay with a credit card straight on.

Direct checkout is currently only accessible to vendors in the United States. Direct checkout for overseas vendors is something we’re working on and hope to have available early next year. Join the discussion in this forum topic if you have any more questions regarding taking gift cards in your store.


Giveaway Of A Gift Card

We’re giving you an Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Stock Price to commemorate this new venture!

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