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Olive Garden Specials Ordering Cheats You Must Try

Olive Garden Specials

Even if your favorite dish has been removed from the menu of Olive Garden Specials, it may still be available elsewhere. If the chef can create it for you, kindly inquire with your waiter; they ought to have all the necessary ingredients on hand. Likewise for any of the time-tested classics you miss.

Request More Secret Sauces To Go With Your Zeppelin

If you ask your waitress about additional possibilities, you’ll probably receive a spread that includes a lot more than the customary side of chocolate dipping sauce that goes with the cream-filled, deep-fried Italian pastries of Olive Garden Specials.

Change The Ravioli Filling

Ask for a different filling if you wish to try it with your ravioli. The restaurant should be able to make your ravioli in any way you want it as long as it isn’t pre-made, such as Italian sausage with ricotta, spinach with chicken, or beef with tomato.

Insist On More Sauce

You can often order more sauce added to your dish or even served on the side without paying an additional fee, whether you’re a big fan of the garlic alfredo or simply want some extra marinara to dip your breadsticks in. This also applies to the OG salad’s highly sought dressing.

Low-Cost Meals

Olive Garden Specials offers kids’ meals for less than six dollars including tax. All children’s meals include a drink, a choice of pasta, and a side dish. Dessert miniatures are offered at $2.99. Lunch menu options are available for less than $10 Olive Garden Coupon to customers.

Gift Card Savings

When customers buy gift cards in big quantities, they save money. Customers will get a 5% discount on gift cards with a value of $500 to $999. Customers will get a 10% discount on gift cards that total $1,000 or more.

Online Coupons

Customers may get exclusive discounts when they subscribe to Olive Garden’s email list. Free dinners, free appetizers, free desserts, and reduced menu items are all possible with digital coupons.

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Combining Various Sauces

More sauce, taste, and enjoyment. Furthermore, it reportedly makes for better leftovers.

Sample The Wine (Or Three)

Ask for a wine sample if your waitress doesn’t give one by default. Before choosing a glass or bottle of wine, you may even sample up to three different varieties. even without any alcohol.

Add Flair To Your Sandwiches

To add sauce to other items, such as the eggplant parmesan sandwich, ask for a side of alfredo or marinara.

Free Meals

The unlimited pasta ticket from Olive Garden Specials is offered as the Golden Ticket of Italian cuisine each year. If you spend $100 on one of these, you can have absolutely endless bowls of spaghetti for seven weeks.

Codes Of Promotion

Promotional coupons are available from Olive Garden Specials to lower the price of certain menu items. Customers may tell their restaurant waitress about the deal. Customers who place an online purchase may enter the code at the checkout.

Purchase More Mint Chocolates

You know the Andes mints your waitress gives you along with the bill? Yes, if you ask gently, you may undoubtedly get a few more. particularly if you had really garlicky food.
Our obsession with Olive Garden’s hidden menu has finally been solved.
Calling all fans of Italian cuisine! The Olive Garden Specials hidden menu has long been dismissed as nonexistent, but after some investigation, we discovered several really easy-to-use menu cheats that you just must try. We’re here to let you know that almost everything on the menu can be tailored to your preferences.

Modify Your Sampler Platter

The appetizer menu at Olive Garden Specials has a wide variety of tasty options, and their sampler plate is a wonderful way to please everyone at your table. However, you may ask your waitress to alter the platter if it isn’t ideal from the menu. Ask for whatever applications you choose, including two of the household favorites. In no time, you’ll be tucking into your ideal sampling platter.
Whip Up Some Creamy Minestrone.

This Olive Garden Specials hidden menu cheat is essential if you can’t get enough of the soup, salad, and breadsticks. You may make your own soup by requesting a half-serving of potato soup and a half-serving of homemade minestrone in the same cup (or bowl!). It is quite effective.

Check out this Olive Garden Specials minestrone soup ripoff if you’re in the mood for the traditional minestrone meal.

It Is Always Season

Delicious and recognizable seasonal meals are what make Olive Garden Specials famous. Do you recall the Meatball Pizza Bowl? Though the menu has changed, there’s no need to lament it. The chefs are more than happy to prepare a particular meal if the kitchen is equipped with the necessary supplies. For example, the popular chicken fettuccine Florentine may be prepared all year round! Request the chicken fettuccine with spinach right away.

Change Your Sauce

This hack is for you if you love a certain taste combination or a certain meal but don’t like the sauce. You have the option to hold the sauce on any order as well as substitute your preferred sauce. One very cheesy dish is chicken parmesan with alfredo sauce.

Choose Your Protein

You may include any protein in your recipe, just as you can with sauces. The Olive Garden cooking staff will be please to fulfill any requests you may have, whether you want to increase the amount of chicken, switch the beef for shrimp, or order something different entirely.

Chuck The Chicken

You may always completely exclude meat while eating with your vegetarian (or vegan) friends. You may even request to have twice as many veggies if it doesn’t satisfy you. Since you won’t be receiving any meat, they’ll usually do it without charging you.

Make Your Salads Look Nice

Similar to the majority of eateries, Olive Garden Specials allows you to add grilled chicken or shrimp to any salad. However, did you realize that you may have the chicken parm on your salad instead? To give your salad more crunch, you may also ask for Shrimp Fritta. We have to say that this is the finest Olive Garden hidden menu trick we’ve heard of.

Make Use Of The Secret Sauce

Zeppoli is just one of the menu’s spectacular desserts. They have a special raspberry sauce that is available upon request, however, we’re great admirers of the accompanying chocolate sauce. Rumor has it that there are other tastes at various sites.

Skip The Cheese

You may request that your server or waitress deliver you a plate without the cheese if you’re trying to cut down on your calorie intake or if you can’t stand dairy in general. It can be fix so easily.

Make New Ravioli

Which Olive Garden Specials you visit will determine how well you can execute this hack, however in certain locations you can alter the ravioli. (Really, this!) The chefs will do all they can to offer you the ideal dish, whether you want one or two minor alterations or you’d like to personalize the filling. It’s not always possible, however, since some restaurants load their pasta first thing in the morning.

Would you like to more? Look through our collection of fake Olive Garden Specials recipes to start cooking!

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