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On Which Five Factors The Smart Graft Cost Depends?

The smart graft is an advanced form of hair transplantation that is getting immense popularity. It comes as a renowned solution to overcome the flaws of traditional hair implants. The technique uses the FUE procedure to harvest healthy grafts from donor areas. Then the extracted grafts are implanted in bald spots precisely. This is a faster and more accurate hair transplant technique that works for non-invasive hair restoration. You can see a smart graft machine that works efficiently to deliver permanent hair loss solutions. However, you must discuss smart graft cost prior to undergoing the treatment. Check 5 important factors that can determine its cost.

1. Level of baldness

This could make a direct impact on the cost of your hair restoration treatment. The level or extent of baldness is a major factor to determine the cost of the procedure. If you have excessive hair loss on the head then the cost would become higher. This means that you will require more grafts to cover the bald areas. Hence the level of baldness is a major consideration to take into account. You can visit the smart graft hair transplant clinic to discuss the cost with a specialist.

2. Per graft price

It is important to make an initial consultation with your hair surgeon once you have decided to undergo the treatment. This would enable you to know about the number of grafts required. The cost would be calculated on basis of per graft price which is 8 to 12 $. Therefore, the overall cost of grafted hairs would depend upon the number of grafts removed. Remember that number of required grafts can increase to fulfill the realistic goal of surgery.

3. Accessibility to donor’s hairs

The accessibility to donor’s hairs would certainly determine the smart graft cost too. Generally, the hair surgeon would extract donor hairs from the back of your head. But if you have less density of hairs at the donor site then it could pose a challenge. The surgeon would have to collect grafts from other parts of the body. They are commonly chest and beard but require the machine to work intensely. So, the cost can surge when it comes to availing of donor hairs for hair restoration.

4. Hair restoration technique

The smart graft is a proven technique to be used for precise, fast, and safe hair transplantation. But it can be only used with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). As a result, the cost could be determined according to the procedure. Therefore, FUE is costlier than FUT since it involves the careful extraction of healthy hair follicles individually. Hence, the cost of treatment can increase accordingly. However, the average cost of this procedure is 8k dollars but it can raise up to 15k dollars due to increased graft requirements.

5. Quality of treatment

It is pointless to state that a smart graft is a superior hair transplantation procedure. The reason is that it restores the hair with a high survival rate of hair follicles. The smart graft machine will extract 1 to 4 hair follicles to implant at bald sites. The extracted hairs will be stored in a chill solution before implantation. This makes the process successful and improves the quality of treatment. So, cost determination would certainly depend on the quality and satisfaction level of the procedure.

Let’s explore some benefits of smart graft hair restoration below

1. Fast process and healing

This is an obvious advantage that you can find with this technology. It works with a machine to remove hair follicles from the back of the head in groups of 3-4 follicles. The procedure works to make the grafting of hairs faster without interrupting your lifestyle. So, you can get advanced hair transplantation that requires no stitches. This means you can recover faster from FUE surgical hair restoration. In a few weeks, you can return to a normal life routine.

2. In-out procedure

You won’t want to stuck inside the hair restoration clinic for more than a single day, right? Therefore, a smart graft is an amazingly high-performing hair restoration procedure. This is an in-out process that enables you to accomplish hair transplantation in a single day. The machine-based extraction and implantation of hairs would make the process really faster. You will not need a repeat session of hair transplantation after getting it done.

3. Higher success rate

Conventional hair transplant treatments pose several challenges when it comes to the survival rate of hair grafts. But a smart graft solution works to evade such flaws entirely. It works by storing the extracted hair follicles in a chill solution to prevent the survival rate of grafts. Thus, you would have greater chances to have natural growth of hair follicles.

4. Fewer side effects

As you know that smart graft techniques work with extra precision and safety, so it has fewer side effects. You would only have a mild headache after the procedure that will fade away in a few days. Also, there will be no risk of bleeding after the procedure, This is an advanced form of FUE so you can expect high-quality results.

To sum up

Before you undergo the hair restoration procedure you must know that smart graft cost can depend on various factors. These are the main points that you must keep in mind to determine the cost of the procedure. However, consulting the hair surgeon is always a beneficial way to get a fair idea of the overall cost. But the actual price will be calculated during the realistic execution of smart graft treatment.

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