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How to Use an Online Whiteboard to Improve Online Teaching


During COVID-19, the physical ways and methods of teaching and learning changed with an online whiteboard. This led to the digitization of these methods and ways of teaching and learning faster. When people used to meet in person in a real classroom, video conferencing has taken their place; screen sharing and presentation slides have become the new whiteboards.

A video conferencing tool like Zoom or Microsoft Teams alone isn’t enough for teachers and students around the world to use when they teach and learn online. This is especially true when it comes to keeping students involved and working together with their teachers.

As education moves more and more online, the need for and availability of tools to help people learn and teach online has grown over the last few years. Online whiteboards are becoming more and more popular.

In this post, we’ll talk about online whiteboards and how they can be used to make online teaching and learning more fun and easy. Dojoit is the online whiteboard tool we’ll be talking about. It’s a tool that lets teachers make learning materials and work with students online.

Web-based whiteboard: What is a Web-based whiteboard called?


Digital whiteboards let teachers and students do the same thing they would do with a physical whiteboard online, but with an infinite canvas. They have shape libraries and templates that can be used to make content (i.e. charts, diagrams, posters, visuals, etc.). They also make the content they make available online, which makes it easier for anyone to get to it from their own computer or smartphone.

Using advanced online whiteboard tools like Dojoit, teachers, and students can work on the same canvas and track each other’s changes with real-time previews of changes and mouse tracking. They can also see what each other is doing at the same time and see how their mouse moves.

Remote use of online whiteboard


An online whiteboard is like a whiteboard or blackboard in a real classroom, where everyone talks to each other around the whiteboard or blackboard.

  • Make your online lessons more fun and interesting.
  • Online, write, draw, and show ideas on a canvas as you teach.
  • Make sure your students can actively participate and work together.
  • Make presentations and posters for the online lessons to help students learn.
  • How to Use an Online Whiteboard to Make Teaching Better

It doesn’t matter if you already use an online whiteboard or if you want to try one. Here are some great ways to use them better in online lessons.

Students can work together on Dojoit web whiteboard


An online whiteboard is mostly used for working together. To make things easier for the students, you can use it during lessons or lectures.

For example, on Dojoit, when you start a new document, you can invite students to work on it with you. Also, you can share a link that lets students make changes to their work with each other by email or through a chat platform you use.

Here are a few ways you can use Dojoit to work with your students and each other.

Brainstorming in Dojoit virtual Whiteboard:


You can start by making a document, or you can choose a Dojoit brainstorming template.

Add all of the students to the file. Use Dojoit’s built-in video conferencing feature to talk to each other as you work on the document. Use a third-party app to communicate, share your screen, and track students’ movements across the canvas with real-time mouse tracking if you want to keep an eye on their progress.

Mind maps, idea boards, concept maps, affinity diagrams, lotus diagrams, and starbursting are just some of the visual brainstorming techniques that can be used here to come up with new ideas.



Create separate documents with the same content (such as an assignment) by simply copying the original.

Online whiteboard

If you want, you can also use the Google Drive integration to make, organize, and change the permissions on your Dojoit documents there.

When naming the document that has been copied, but the student’s name in it so that it is easy to tell which document belongs to which person. Afterward, the student will be able to do what they want

As soon as you’ve done the assignment, you can look over it and leave your feedback with in-line comments. A quick video call can also be used to show each person what to do.

Exercises that are done in groups


One of the most common problems with online teaching is making sure that the teacher and students can talk to each other activities during the class. Online whiteboards help to close this gap by giving both people a place to work together at the same time.

You can use Dojoit to quickly make quizzes and other fun games like crossword puzzles, hangman, and get students to play in real-time.

Create and Share the Material You Need for the Lesson


When teaching online, it’s important to keep things short and simple. It’s said that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and that visuals can help people learn up to 400% more.

Using charts, diagrams, posters, graphic organizers, storyboards, infographics, and other tools, you can quickly sum up a one-hour lecture and better explain complicated ideas. When you use an online whiteboard, you can quickly make and share these visuals with your whole class.

Create has a lot of shape libraries and ready-made templates for more than 50 types of charts and diagrams, like flowcharts, thinking maps, mind maps, infographics, storyboards, and more.

You can also search for more shapes and images on Google or bring them in from your own board.

You can save these images as PNGs, SVGs, JPEGs, or PDFs, and then use them in presentations, websites, reports, and more. The students can also just get a link that only lets them see the project.

Do presentations to show what you know


An online whiteboard is like a big canvas. You can use it to make visually appealing and interesting presentations as a whole or just on a single piece of paper.

Each slide should have a number or title. This will make it easier to use Creately. As time goes on, this will make it a lot easier to move from one slide to the next.

You can search for or import images in different formats (JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and so on) and add them to your presentation slides to make them more interesting and lively.

With screen share or Creately video conferencing, zoom in on each slide during the presentation and explain the content to the students so they can follow along.

Taking notes with your eyes


Visuals are a good way to make sense of a lot of information. During the lesson, you can use an online whiteboard to show important ideas in the form of a chart, graph, or diagram. You can also encourage students to use the same tools to write down their own notes.

90% of the information sent to the brain is shown to the brain in a way that can be seen, according to research. People tend to remember data better when visuals are involved. Encourage students to write down their notes in the form of a mind map, concept map, flowchart, or graphic organizer. This will help them remember more of what they read.

Dojoit has a lot of ready-made templates that students can use right away when taking notes. You can also make a template before the lesson and give it to the students so they can write down their notes on it.

Online whiteboard can be used to teach


Zoom calls and staring at a screen for hours have made students less interested and more resistant to what you say. In a real classroom, there is a lot of energy between the teacher and students. An online whiteboard for teaching can bring that energy back by re-creating the collaborative experience online.

Let us know how you teach and learn online in the comments below.

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