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Pap Smear Test: Why You Should Get It?

If you want to keep good health, you need to go for various tests to check whether all your body systems are functioning well. The body has several systems that perform different functions. Examples of body systems include the respiratory system, digestion system, neurological system, and reproductive system. The reproductive system is just as important as any other system in the body.
Therefore, the doctor also needs to carry out tests to see if all the organs in the reproductive system are functioning well. One of the crucial tests that the doctor needs to perform in the reproductive system is the Pap smear test. This post explains what Pap smear screening near Pacoima is and what it’s all about.

What is a Pap Smear Examination? 

The formation of human life begins in the reproductive system, which means that this system produces life hence the name – reproductive system. Many people don’t know the importance of this body system that is why they don’t go for Pap smear tests. Pap smear tests are important tests that are usually performed to detect whether there are abnormal, precancerous, or cancerous cells in the cervical region. The Pap smear screening near Pacoima is a critical examination that allows you to prevent cervical cancer and other reproductive health-related complications.
As a woman, you need to start going for a pap smear test at the age of 21. A Pap smear panorama test in this age is necessary whether you are sexually active or not. Detecting the presence of abnormal cells helps to know whether they are cancerous cells or not. If they are, the patient can start treatment as soon as possible to prevent the precancerous cells from spreading. When a woman cross 30, the Pap smear test will include the HPV test. HPV stands for human papillomavirus, which is a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer. Pap smear and HPV tests are usually performed by an obstetric and gynecologist doctor or simply an ob-gyn.

How Pap Smear Testing is Done?

A Pap smear screening near Pacoima involves the most private area of your body. Therefore, you need to prepare well before going for such tests. Choose a gynecologist whom you can trust, and you are comfortable working with, whether it’s a male or female specialist. Let’s now look at what you should expect on the day of the examination.
The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) advises that a person should start going for the Pap smear tests once she turns 13 or 15 years. During the first visit, the doctor only needs to educate the girl on what the Pap smear test is all about and what she should expect. No physical examination will happen on the first day. 24 hours before the test is done, the patient will be asked to avoid douching, sexual activity, or spermicides. These activities may tamper with the cervical cells leading to false results.

The first thing that the doctor will do during the Pap smear screening near Pacoima evaluate the general health of the patient. This includes checking all the vitals. During the test, the gynecologist may also conduct a urine or blood test. After that, a smooth brush is used to extract cervical samples, which are later taken to the lab for further tests. If there are abnormal cells, treatment will begin immediately to prevent further spread and complications. 


Reproductive fitness is just as important as any other system in the body. You should not neglect it because various diseases can crop in, leading to severe medical complications. A pap smear panorama test is essential because it allows doctors to detect precancerous cells that can cause cervical cancer. Early detection of abnormal cells is important because it allows doctors to start treatment immediately. 

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