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Services for Secure eCommerce Payment Gateway(ecommerce payment solution)

eCommerce is a rapidly expanding industry that has all but taken over the global shopping landscape. Additionally, an eCommerce company needs a secure eCommerce Payment Gateway to handle the online payments in order to expand its business.(ecommerce payment solution)

An eCommerce high-risk business requires a secure, dependable, and adaptable payment processing channel that can fully support the firm.

An eCommerce payment gateway’s features(ecommerce payment solution)

eCommerce requires a payment gateway that is distinct from other payment gateways. Customizable payment gateway solutions are offered by HighRisk Gateways for online retailers. Some of the features are as follows:

A payment gateway must have one essential feature: credit card processing. One of the most popular forms of payment worldwide is credit cards. Therefore, having a method for processing credit cards is essential. For a High-Risk Merchant Account like yours, accepting credit card payments is simple and easy.

Shopping cart integration number two:(ecommerce payment solution)

The seamless integration of the shopping cart and the payment processing channel is provided by HighRisk Gateways. For a better customer experience for your business, it enables you to use a third-party shopping cart that we can effortlessly link with the payment gateway.

A payment gateway must have the third characteristic, global card saving. Consumers can preserve their card information for future transactions via global card saving. According to surveys from around the world, a significant number of customers have abandoned a product because they need to enter their card information repeatedly.

4 – Easy Checkout: – No more window redirects. A flawless checkout process is facilitated by simple checkout. In other words, there would be a single window for all transactions.

5 – Security: A payment gateway that is PCI DSS compliant and maintains high-grade data encryption. Our eCommerce Payment Gateway possesses the required SSL certificates to provide the highest level of payment security.

6 – Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management: HighRisk Gateways contain the add-on feature of chargeback management to guarantee the screening of chargebacks and to ensure that fraudulent actions are stopped. eCommerce and other high-risk industries require management and protection for a better outcome.

7 – Robust Dashboard: A feature that makes it simple for a merchant to manage all the information is a powerful dashboard. the quantity of transactions or the frequency of the monthly reports. Even chargebacks can be easily taken into consideration. a single location to consider all the reports.

Get More Advantages from High-Risk Payment Gateways

A long list of advantages that are specifically created for high-risk merchant accounts is available. Benefits of the HighRisk Gateway are available for use by retailers.

With capabilities like those, you may quickly and effectively reach a global audience. You can expand your business to numerous nations thanks to support for multiple currencies and languages. Increasing consumer convenience by allowing them to pay and read in their native tongue and currency, respectively.

2 – Full Merchant Support: A single callback will answer all of your questions regarding a payment gateway. HighRisk Gateways also offer each merchant a customized solution. The type of payment gateway required depends on whether the account holder is an online gaming merchant.

3. There are multiple options to pick from:

– High-Risk Businessman There are various types of account holders. As a result, a payment gateway cannot be rigorous in its processing policies. You can pick between 3DS and Non-3DS payment gateways based on the needs of the market. Either you need speedy transactions and high payment volumes, or you need speed and security.

4 – Simple Integration: A payment gateway is simple to integrate with a website by using APIs, mobile SDKs, and a variety of plugins. Since not all service providers use APIs, easy integration varies depending on the payment service provider.

5 – Upfront Reports: Consistent transaction reporting is required. As a result, HighRisk Gateways offers fast invoices and reports for payments. A copy of the report and invoice for the good or service will be given to the customer as soon as the payment is made.

Businesses receive complimentary services from high-risk gateways.

When compared to other PSPs, HighRisk Gateways will always have more customization choices. It enables a merchant to fully customize the payment gateway in accordance with their corporate requirements. Your preferences for the logo, content, text color, etc. will aid in the better development of your company.

We use APIs for integration, as was already described. It guarantees that the payment gateway is operational on your website in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, the mobile SDKs can assist you in integrating the payment gateway into your mobile apps. The inclusion of further necessary functionality will be made possible via the plugins as well.

You can also provide the EMI option to the customers. The many payment options, as we have already mentioned, can also include an EMI option for greater payment convenience.

Our payment gateway’s various security and flexibility features will enable your company to achieve its pinnacle without worrying about payments. It will be our responsibility starting today. Our company’s motto is “assistance and support for every merchant.”

A Flexible and Affordable Payment Option

According to the merchants’ profile reviews, HighRisk Gateway solutions have a reasonable price range. The guarantee of the best pricing still applies, despite the fact that it is mostly based on the risk component and the company’s valuation.

The second will be the payment gateway’s adaptability. As was already indicated, the merchant’s needs can be met by tailoring our payment processing channel. The services offered by eCommerce Payment Gateway are specially created to meet the requirements of the eCommerce Merchants. To help the various plugins add the necessary feature to the payment gateway, we offer consultations and support.

Then what?

You can now request a callback from us to begin the process of obtaining a payment gateway for your online store. If you have a High-Risk Merchant Account, you can just begin by onboarding the payment gateway.

However, we can also take care of your demand for a merchant account. We do offer merchants who need them offshore merchant accounts. A simple email or call-back request can begin a full consultation.
Global Reach and Credit Card Processing are now at your fingertips. For the sake of your company’s future, act right away.

The merchant service offered by a provider of eCommerce services is called a payment gateway. It approves payments for internet transactions. Either the bank or a service provider like Highrisk Gateways offers the Payment Gateway.

How do payment gateways operate?

The Payment Gateway functions in a complicated method. When you make an online purchase, place your order, and click the “Pay Now” button, a payment gateway page is subsequently displayed. The payment gateway handles a variety of duties. Due to the payment gateway, information is communicated when you enter your credit card information and it is sent over Secure Socket Layer to the merchant server.

According to the Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard, the merchant is not given access to client information. The retailer sends the payment gateway the transaction information, which the gateway then transforms and sends to the credit card company’s bank issuer. The bank confirms and proceeds to use the payment gateway processor to make the next payment. Only five seconds are needed to complete the operation. The payment gateway delivers the real payment to the merchant in two to three days.

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