Pillow Boxes to Facilitate your Packaging Needs

Pillow Boxes are perfect for wrapping jewellery, lingerie, small gifts and souvenirs. A large pillowcase is a perfect replacement for your clothes box. With its unique shape and design,  folding the curved sides of the box makes the box look like a bag. Because the name might give you an impression that pillow packaging are use only for the pillows, that’s not the case. Pillow box wholesale has several other functions too.

Made With love

Pillow Boxes are made of cardboard of various thicknesses and are folded flat. These boxes have flaps on both sides of the box and bend inward to unfold the box in the shape of a boxes. Sizes vary from small to large. Small pillowcases are often used for jewellery gifts, lingerie, scarves, candies and more.

The large size of these boxes is use as an alternative box for apparel and retail products. Packaging boxes are made with and without handles, depending on the intent of use. These boxes are rare, but they are becoming more and more popular with retailers and gift supplies retailers looking for alternatives to stores and products or unique packaging.

Custom Pillow Boxes

From bakeries to clothing, crafts to custom gift boxes, custom pillow boxes printing and Packaging Boxes service can gracefully meet all your needs. These stylish boxes are made from the finest materials such as cardboard, Kraft paper, and paperboard depending on the product you want to keep in the pillow box.

One of the advantages of ordering wholesale pillow boxes in Australia is that they can be customising to suit the products inside. For scarves, the pillow product box can be print with a clothing pattern or a simple designer logo. If  organic products are including, an all-brown natural pillow box with labels and ropes print on it will look great. But let’s say it becomes a gift box.

Then you can wrap it in foil or engrave a flashy ribbon or finish. There is a pillowcase for gifts. This ease of use and reliability make the pillow box ideal for your product.

Material of Choice

Selecting the right material is a topic of great concern. When getting the pillow box customise, you need to consider different materials and their properties to ensure that you have selected the right material as per your product demand. The right material should balance the weight of the product, should protect it, shouldn’t be too costly and should be environmentally friendly. Moreover, the few commonly used materials for pillow boxes includes:

  • Eco-Kraft Pillow Boxes
  • E-Flute Corrugated Packaging Pillow Boxes
  • Box Board Packaging Boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Kraft Boxes

All the mentioned materials have their own pros and cons. Kraft Pillow box packaging is eco-friendly, biodegradable and strong to transport your products around. If your product is large or x-large in size, including crockery or fragile decor, E-Flute Corrugated pillow boxes are your material of choice.

pillow boxes

They are strong and durable enough to carry big size products. However, if we talk about normal size products, Eco-Kraft pillow boxes are the go-to material. They are eco-friendly, easily available and affordable and are available in a number of densities, so ideally they are the green pillow box packaging.

Talking about the cardboard boxes, they are the most ideal ones for customised. Since they are in white colour by default, they exhibit the best printing qualities and pectization. They are cheap in cost, easily available and easy to recycle. Box board pillow boxes are strong, durable and affordable. They are a good choice when you need custom pillow boxes.

Transportation Made Easier

Since the pillow boxes are flat able and made with flaps, they can be easily assembly when you want to ship pillow boxes wholesale in Australia.

Wholesale boxes have large quantities and therefore more space. It is preferring to transport pillow boxes and pillow packages in assembly form in order to prevent any damage to their texture and printing, occupying less space and accommodating more quantity and saving the extra cost.

Design that Makes Your Brand Standout

Just like material and printing options, pillow boxes are available in several designs too. All of them are equally appealing and attractive, though. Some trendy pillow box designs may include:

  • Custom pillow box with window
  • Custom packaging boxes with handle
  • Kraft pillow packaging
  • Long Pillow packaging (for stolen or hair extension)
  • Paper pillow gift boxes
  • Kraft paper pillow gift boxes
  • Custom printed tea packaging boxes
  • Wedding Gift pillow boxes
  • White pillow boxes wholesale

Most Favourite Add-ons

Once you have finalised the material and design for your pillow boxes, the next resort is choosing the ideal finishing and coating for your packaging pillow boxes.

Therefore, there are abundant options available, and commonly used finishing includes Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, and foiling. Finalising your lamination and coating, you can easily order for a free software design of your pillow box that can be seen on your gadget screen, and we provide printing with minimum 99% colour accuracy.

Best Pillow Boxes Packaging Australia

Our distinct Print packaging boxes Australia Style Packaging Boxes are made to perfection and as per your needs. At small, we shall facilitate our customers with their demands regarding the occasion and the size.

The sample design for Pillow Box Packaging made by our highly experience and talent team shall be share by the client and only after the approval it shall be sent for print, and the same shall be to deliver to the client in 3 working days. Pillow Packaging Australia has high-end designs with top-notch quality material to keep your mobile accessories secure.

Ready Packaging and Easy Access to Product

Packages aren’t simply create for the merchandising of merchandise or factory-made just in step with the product, these boxes have rather more use than that. Moreover, boxes are often using for the packaging of gifts.

Throughout completely different events and festivals, these boxes wide utilize by the gift sellers and can also be bought by people to convey gifts to someone. These boxes create the gifts more pleasing and special.

These boxes can also be design for the promotion of future festivals and events. Moreover, the pillow packages are design in such a way that they can simply be access for different styles of merchandise. These boxes have their own stunning look. Therefore, you’ll be able to conjointly use them while not printings if you are doing not would like it.

Perfect for Marketing and Promotions

Custom pillow boxes are a good thanks to build your business to stand out from your competitors by delivering key complete electronic communication to your prospective and existing customers.

Whether you’re showcasing a product at a special event, representing your brand at a trade show, because of coordinating an incident for a client, packaging are excellent selling statement pieces.

We are Here to Lend you a Hand

Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about all these technical details, leave your burden to us. Once you’ve decided on a pillow box style. Contact our versatile designer to find out about the best pillow box materials. Printing options, sizes and dimensions, and the perfect add-ons.

Finally,  also help  in designing the most attractive and attractive customise pillow box. Therefore, contact us and get your pillow boxes ready at the most affordable and pocket-friendly price.


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