Podiatry Surgical Instruments For Hand And Foot Surgery

Every surgical practice needs specific tools to accomplish itdifferent operating rooms, different surgical instruments. Most of the equipment is reusable and sterilizable. The proper maintenance and care of equipment enhance the accuracy and precision of surgeries.
Podiatry emphasizes the study, examination, and treatment of the lower structure of the human body, including legs, ankles, and feet. Podiatry doctors and specialists diagnose and treat the related problems with the help of specific podiatry surgical instruments. Podiatrists can specialize in surgery, sports medicine, biomechanics, geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, and primary care.

Treatment Of Specific Conditions By Podiatrists

The practitioners are well-aware of the treatment of various foot diseases that may show up in any individual of all group ages.

Sprains And Fractures

Doctors treat fractures and sprains that harm and affect the foot and ankle. They also counsel athletes to avoid fractures by working in sports medicine as well. They help the sportsmen to keep such setbacks at bay by providing them with proper medication and treatment for foot and ankle fractures.

Hammertoes And Bunions

These disorders relate to the bones of the feet. A bunion is a condition that occurs when the bone of the big toe gets out of its position or gets larger than usual. This causes the toe to tilt or incline towards other fingers. A hammertoe is a condition that is hard to bend the proper way by a person.

Nail Disorders

These involve nail damage by a fungus or an ingrown toenail. Primarily includes the situation when a broken nail directly grows into the toe rather than growing straight up like normal.


It involves fluctuations, inflammation, and swelling in joints. There is a set of 33 joints, each foot has. Its treatment includes physical therapy or massage, medication, special shoes, and inserts to relieve arthritis. If these treatments do not serve the purpose, then surgery would be the last way left as the treatment.

Growing Pains

If you observe the feet of your child bent inward, are flat or straight, and are not equal in size, a podiatrist can help you with this. The treatment may involve insoles, braces, and exercise. The last method is surgery if there is no other way left.

Heel Pain

The main cause of heel pain is the accumulation of calcium at the end of the heel bone, which is called heel spurs. The main causes are ill-fitting shoes, obesity, and extra running. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the connective tissue that is present at the end of the foot. To put the blame on, sports and unsupportive shoes are on top of the list. Overpronation is the bending of the foot inward and outward at a greater distance than usual while walking. Achilles tendinitis is the name of the tendon that connects with the lower area of your foot that causes heel pain when affected. Treatment includes over-the-counter medicines, insoles and orthotics, and sometimes surgery when required.

Surgical Instruments For Hand And Foot Surgery

Nail Cutter

It helps to cut fingernails, toenails, and hangnails. The nail cutter, which a podiatrist uses, is easy to use when we look at its configuration. The easy-grip handles make it more able to clip the nail effectively. This nail cutter can affect your hands if they are sensitive. It cuts quite briskly because of its efficient handling.

Tissue Nipper

It takes out the damaged, loose, and deciduous tissue and skin. The pointy edge and handles make it easier to cut the desired tissues and nails as closely as it can. 100% medical-grade, German stainless steel enhances its durability. This is why environmental changes like humidity, heat, or moisture do not alter its performance and functioning. It does not react. It is highly small and manageable with an accurate balance as well.

Packer And Excavator

To remove carious dentin, packer, and excavator, a fine podiatry tool makes its way into a high-quality performance. It has a dual function that comprises a packer on one end and a hook on the other. The bone packer helps to condense the bones during grafting, and the excavator takes out the carious dentin of the decayed tooth.

Probe And Excavator

This is a double-ended tool with a pointy probe on one end and a smooth hook on the second end. The probe end usually probes the abscess sinus tract while the hook functions to take out the hyperkeratotic substance from the nail groove.

Podiatry Scissors

Different podiatry procedures include these scissors. Their types include cuticle scissors crown and collar scissors to cut the wire. Scissors that take care of ingrown nails, felt, and moleskin patterns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of Spatula And Packer in podiatry surgery?

This surgical equipment helps to clean and pack below the nail. It works proficiently when held in hand during conducting minor surgeries. It has two ends that include a packer and an oval end at both ends.

What is tissue and cuticle nipper?

It is used for cutting or removing soft tissues, nail edges, and cuticles. It has curved blades and self-open handles, which provide a firm grip.

Final Verdict

Are you looking for the best quality surgical instruments? GerMedUSA Inc. supplies and manufactures the best quality surgical equipment for different surgical procedures, including podiatric surgeries. This equipment ensures to fulfill the requirements of the surgeons and ensures to make the surgeries successful. The instruments are made with German stainless steel and tungsten carbide, which enhances productivity and longevity.

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