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Popular meals made with French cheese 

France is home to different types of cheeses, such as chèvre, french cheese, Brie de Meaux, and Roquefort. These cheeses are the main ingredients of traditional meals. If you want to enjoy traditional French cuisine, here are some popular cheese dishes to make.


This is a comfort food made with potatoes, bacon, and cheese. It is an excellent meal to try out after a day of exploring the mountains. To spice it up, add some crusty bread and green leaves. Cornichons are also great, but you can choose to eat it alone. 

Tarte Flambée

This meal is also known as flammekueche in some parts of France. However, it is more popular in the border regions between France and Germany. It is a bread dish covered with bacon lardons, and onions. For a deeper flavor, they use wood-fired ovens. The best part about this meal is that it can be made in different ways to fit your taste. 

Le Welsh

This dish is a variation of the rarebit but is popular in northern France. Its main ingredients include mustard, cheese, and beer. Some people may add eggs and ham if they want to get a unique taste. 


This traditional dish is popular in Auvergne. It is made with potatoes but not just any potatoes. They are cooked with goose fat for extra flavor. It also includes cheese and has a thick texture. Tome fraiche cheese is used for this dish for a special taste. Some people like to eat it with jambon cru while others settle for a green salad instead.


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