Post-piercing care and a variety of piercing methods

Post-piercing care and a variety of piercing methods is the simplest type of cosmetic procedure that is very popular among women and even some men. There is no specific age limit for ear piercing. Fortunately, today, instead of using the traditional method, which may not have been very hygienic, special ear piercing devices are used.

Types of ear piercing methods

Ear piercing generally means piercing the ear tissue to place ornamental jewelry. Ear piercing may be done in different places, such as the soft tissue, the tulip, or the cartilaginous areas. This is done in several different ways, which we have introduced below.

Piercing the ear Pierce with an ear gun

Experts use commercial ear piercing tools called piercing ear guns. The perforated ear gun automatically makes a hole in the ear and inserts the stud into the hole.

Piercing the ear with a needle

In this method, the specialist inserts a hollow needle into the desired location. The stud earring (or ring) then enters the needle hole on the other side and is inserted into the hole. This is the primary earring and should remain in the hole for a certain period of time for the wound to heal completely. It is also possible to pierce the ear with an angiocatheter instead of a special needle.

Pierce the ear with two needles

In this method, a very small needle is first inserted into the hole. Then, from the opposite side, a large, hollow needle enters the hole in the direction of the small needle and encloses the small needle. The small needle is then removed from the ear canal and, similar to the previous technique, the stud earring (or ring) is inserted into the large needle cavity on the other side and inserted into the hole.

The large needle is then removed and the earring nail remains inside the ear canal. In the end, the other part of the earring is attached to the nail. Similar to the previous method, this is an initial earring and must remain in the hole for a certain period of time until the wound heals completely.

Our advice is not to manipulate or pierce the cartilaginous parts of the ear. Because they sometimes lead to cartilage infections, which in advanced cases lead to surgery and drainage of pus. Ear piercings may seem simple, but they can be dangerous if not done properly. Therefore, in this article, we have introduced the care after ear piercing.

Care after ear piercing

Hygiene, use of ointment, not contact with water, and choosing light earrings are the most important points after piercing the ear. Also, you should not pierce the cartilaginous parts of the ear because they lead to cartilage infection.

Dry discharge may be seen after using jewelry at the ear-piercing site due to sensitivity to metals, especially nickel alloys. Of course, some people are also sensitive to gold and silver because nickel is also used in the composition of some low-quality gold products.

In general, piercing the ear causes a small sore in the area that the use of ointments such as tetracycline in the first 24 to 48 hours for at least 3 times a day can be helpful. If the pain increases after 24 hours or there is redness and swelling at the puncture site, you should see a doctor. Because he may have to take oral antibiotics.

Another precaution after ear piercing is not to wear very heavy earrings. Because it makes the softness of the ear and the embedded hole enlarge, which is not very interesting in terms of beauty. Of course, after a piercing of the ear, you usually have to use a special earring. If the hole is in the soft of the ear, after 6 weeks you can remove the special earring. But if you have pierced the cartilaginous part of your ear, you should use the original earring for up to 12 weeks.

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Avoid washing the ear canal with shampoo and other hair detergents. Because the substances in such detergents can cause severe infections. Therefore, when bathing, be sure to cover the corners with a plastic cover so that they do not get wet and are not exposed to shampoo.

After piercing the ear, be sure to use clean pillows that have a fine and integrated texture so that the earrings do not get stuck in them. Avoid sleeping on ear piercings.

Before cleaning the piercing area, be sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water and dry them with a paper towel. Make sure the cotton or wipes you use to clean the hole are completely clean and free of bacteria.

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